“Those leaguers in the square? I refuse to think it is our line »- Corriere.it

“Those leaguers in the square? I refuse to think it is our line »- Corriere.it
“Those leaguers in the square? I refuse to think it is our line »- Corriere.it

The governor of Veneto: «It is one thing to speak of obligation, as Salvini does. But among the no vax there are those who say that the virus does not exist ». And he quotes Luther King: “My freedom ends where yours begins”

«A principle for me is dogmatic is ‘my freedom ends where yours begins’». Governor Luca Zaia quotes Martin Luther King for speaking on the issue of vaccines and on street protests against the green pass. And he adds: «Confrontation and freedom are the salt of democracy. The North Star of my life is the phrase they attribute to Voltaire: “I don’t agree with what you say, but I would give my life so that you can say it” ».
President Zaia, two quotes that seem like a premise and then say more.
“I am not surprised that there are those who think differently from me, but there are two elements to underline. First, the tones, which must remain acceptable. Second, he cannot pass the stigma and formal notice of those who think differently and do their job ».
Are you talking about the No vax and those who say “we are not no vax but …”?
“I’m talking about a climate in which it is increasingly difficult to fulfill one’s institutional role. We have gone from a public health system that did prophylaxis in school to a point where it is difficult to swab because we are accused of putting microchips in the nose of children. Doing what we have a duty to do is becoming a problem ».
Is it the fault of the Net or the fault of the politicians?
“There is little to joke about. The issue of vaccination raises very important questions. If we invoke freedom for anything, we lose the slightest sense of the common good. Today it’s about vaccines, tomorrow any public health choice. Yet we have been accompanied by public health plans for decades. My generation distinguishes it because it has the vaccination scar on its shoulder. “
Many argue that the vaccine arrived too quickly.
«The knowledge to prepare a vaccine is not what it was 50 or 60 years ago. But the real problem is that in this climate, if they invented penicillin today, we would have social networks full of people who say that a mold does not inject it. Here the social pact is jumping. And if it happens it is inevitable that we go to the explosion ».
Doesn’t the theme of freedom exist?
“Of course. And nobody enjoys taking a drug. Everyone, starting with aspirin, has contraindications. But it is also true that in an epidemic, I do it for myself and also for those close to me ».
In short, is being vaccinated a duty?
«Look, I think that if you have an ingrown toenail, the choice is yours: it is up to him whether to heal himself or have his finger cut. However, in the face of an epidemic, we should team up. Otherwise the pandemic turns into a civil war or, worse, a war between the poor. We have a duty to avoid it and to argue. But here there are still those who say that the virus does not exist and that it is a conspiracy. Regardless of the fact that vaccines work ».
Do you have specific numbers?
«Today the Veneto has just over 140 hospitalized patients, 18 of whom are in intensive care. In December there were 3,400 of which 500 in intensive. Today, the infections are 750 per day, they begin to grow back. However, I am having the specific numbers prepared: because by looking at it, it turns out that the vast majority of hospitalized people are non-vaccinated. But be careful to question the whole system ».
What are you thinking about?
“There are people who say that hospitals were not needed for Covid, home care was enough. Of the more than 430,000 infected people surveyed since 21 February 2020, half were symptom-free and were discovered with swabs. The other half had symptoms of varying severity. But 22,000 people had to be hospitalized: claiming that everyone can be treated at home means not telling the truth. It is implicitly that the entire medical profession, as well as the institutional one, is irresponsible. A climate that will make us weaker than the epidemic ».
The best known faces of the Rome demonstration on Wednesday evening were the Northern League supporters Borghi and Siri. Didn’t that bother you?
«The League has always been a party of varied social and cultural composition, there is some reason that someone does not think like you. Having said that, I am not aware that the party has decided to renounce the activities of its administrators, presidents and mayors. A discourse is to legitimately discuss the mandatory nature, as does the secretary Salvini. It is another thing to become bearers of a line in which I absolutely do not identify myself. And I refuse to think that it is that of the party ».

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