“You get infected, but we don’t risk the yellow zone. At the end of the summer, 70% vaccinated”

“You get infected, but we don’t risk the yellow zone. At the end of the summer, 70% vaccinated”
“You get infected, but we don’t risk the yellow zone. At the end of the summer, 70% vaccinated”

“Journalistically we talk about the fourth wave – the fact is that – we are witnessing an increase in infections and we expect that it will not decrease in the coming days, as per ISS data, with Rt 1.89 up “. Thus the regional councilor for health, Raffaele Donini, today in a video press conference to take stock of the pandemic:” We are not in an alarming situation with regard to hospital wards, with the increase in infections that does not reverberate on shelters “.

Today, 29 July, there are 493 infections in the region today, 6,035 active cases and no deaths.

Donini reconfirms that the Delta variant is in the majority (88.48%) also in Emilia-Romagna, as in the rest of the country: “Those who are not vaccinated risk 30 times more of contracting the variant. I remember that when we discussed with the government the parameters of risk of the regions, we shared the assessment in consideration of the hospitalization data, so we do not risk going into the yellow zone “.

School knot

The commissioner reiterated his yes to compulsory schooling for school staff, teachers and non-teachers: “I believe that the government is also going in that direction. For the students we will develop with our interlocutors an awareness campaign to increase the number of vaccinated people. We are also available to organize aids and mobile vehicles for vaccination “.

The goal, Donini reiterates, the overcoming of 40% of vaccinated people with the resumption of the school: “It seems achievable also due to the data on bookings. We discussed a series of protocols with my colleague Salomoni (councilor at the school – ed) so that she can start over safely “.

Hospitalization data

Currently in the region 183 are hospitalized in the covid wards and 13 in the intensive care units: “Our alert level is – respectively – 980 and 76, so we are far below for two reasons: the vaccination proceeds quickly and has protected and safeguarded the elderly and vulnerable population, consequently the circulation of the virus affects people with an average age of about 30 years more, therefore less fragile.

Vaccination, percentage data

70% of the Emilia-Romagna population was vaccinated with at least one dose, 56% with the second, just above the national average: “It will be important to see the August supplies (Pfizer and Moderna), we plan to arrive at the end of the summer above 70% “thus attesting the immunity of the herd, the commissioner speculated.

Vaccinations, booking data

There has been a jump in bookings starting last week, after the speech by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and the obligation of a Green pass for some activities: 1,600 over 80, 3,200 70-79, 7,276 60-69, 50 -59 25 thousand, 40-49 50 thousand, 30-39 62 thousand, 20-29 80 thousand, 12-19 52 thousand, for a total of 281 thousand applications.

Vaccinations, data categories

97% of public health personnel have been vaccinated, 167 suspensions of unvaccinated already active and increasing, in line with the investigations.

“It makes me very proud – Donini underlines – that we continue to vaccinate the vulnerable by pathology, about half a million people in Emilia-Romagna. We are 85.7% with the first dose and 73.8% with the second as well” .

The percentage of vaccinated reaches 100% for the guests of the Cra (frail and elderly) and 119% for the staff of the, with 82 thousand non-residents vaccinated.

Vaccination, data by age group

When fully operational, the over eighty (98.3% first doses and 94.2 second doses): “The over 60 group has achieved substantial herd immunity – assures Donini – we are over 90% with the first dose and over 80% with complete cycle “.

130 thousand over 60s still to be vaccinated: “The doses are there for everyone, at least two thirds of J&J and Astrazeneca vaccine”.

Vaccination, effective from December 27 to today

“The risk of infection for the unvaccinated is a topic that the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is seriously investigating – confirms the commissioner – but the effectiveness of vaccination in reducing the incidence clearly emerges, a barrier of 89.7% after 15 days from the second dose. Immunity after the first dose is not trivial, at 64.4%. The risk of hospitalization is 32 times higher “.

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