Tokyo 2020, Tamberi in the final high jump: “I couldn’t wait”

Tokyo 2020, Tamberi in the final high jump: “I couldn’t wait”
Tokyo 2020, Tamberi in the final high jump: “I couldn’t wait”

Gianmarco Tamberi qualified for the final of the high jump at the Tokyo 2020 Games. After an error at 2.28, the blue overcame the measure, which allows him to enter the final for a medal scheduled for 1 August.

“I have been waiting for this final for too long not to enjoy myself. I was looking forward to it, I have given my soul in the last five years to be here, it has been an endless road and now I am here, ready to live that day I called a dream and today I call objective. I’m happy to be able to play my cards “Tamberi’s words. “I don’t smile too much because it wasn’t a good race – the blue told Rai – but the important thing was to qualify. The jumps were all bad, from the first to the last, but the important thing is to be in the final”.

“I have to concentrate on myself, I know I am very well. Even today I showed that I can jump high. I entered the final, today the goal was that, I hoped to find confirmation during the race. What did I say during the race? ‘Mom mine that sucks’. I wanted to find a jump right to go high. In the approach to these Olympics this summer I sucked, I thought I was in great shape, but the important thing is to jump well the day after tomorrow. jumps in training are very good, “said Tamberi.

“The impact with the Games? A unique emotion. When I arrived I took a deep breath … and I said it’s time. I did everything to stay here, I spit blood. I couldn’t wait to be there. “, added the blue jumper who is not satisfied with his performance, but excludes the hypothesis that it is a mental block:” In important races I have never been afraid in 10 years of career. It’s just a technical problem: I have to find the right spaces and times, the right sensations to unlock, the same thing happened in Portland 2016. The platform was very good and it couldn’t be otherwise. Honestly, I haven’t been thinking about the heat … I’m ready to everything”.


Tokyo Tamberi final high jump couldnt wait

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