He falls into the Pale di San Martino gully and dies as a financial consultant

He falls into the Pale di San Martino gully and dies as a financial consultant
He falls into the Pale di San Martino gully and dies as a financial consultant

PORTOGRUARO – They saw him fall along a gully for about forty meters. A shock for his partner and friends, who immediately raised the alarm. Unfortunately there was nothing more to be done. To lose his life during a spectacular excursion on the Pale di San Martino is a sixty-year-old born in Switzerland and living in Portogruaro, Angelo Silvano Cotugno.


The tragedy yesterday afternoon, around 3.30 pm. The group was walking down the path 713 which from the Velo della Madonna refuge returns to San Martino di Castrozza. Perhaps due to a badly supported foot, the man, who is a financial consultant by profession, lost his balance, sliding down the slope that runs along the path. The point where he fell is at an altitude of 2,200 meters, a few hundred meters downstream of the refuge, which – the table reports – is at 2,358 meters.


Managers Elisa Bettega and Piero Casagrande received the mountain rescue call around 3.45 pm to check that the helicopter rescue pitch was free. «The aircraft arrived and stopped for a few minutes, then returned to San Martino – explains Piero – We do not know if the group of which the unfortunate hiker was part had stopped by us before returning to the valley. We have only seen the intervention of the rescuers for a fall, but we have not been informed of the results of the searches ».


A tragic outcome. Two hikers reached the fallen 60-year-old, now unconscious, and carried out the first aid maneuvers. In the meantime, the technician from the Alpine Rescue Operations Center with the coordinator of the Eastern Trentino Operations Area managed the helicopter intervention. The helicopter rescue technician and the medical team were lowered on the spot with the winch. Unfortunately for Angelo Silvano Cotugno, whose professional studio is in via Benedetto Marcello, on the side of via Trieste, in the heart of Portogruaro, there was nothing more to do and the doctor could only ascertain the death.


In a second rotation, the helicopter heli-transported two operators from the San Martino di Castrozza mountain rescue station to support the crew in recovering the body. After the authorization of the authorities, the body was transferred to San Martino di Castrozza. The rescuers of the financial police also intervened.


The victim’s companion, in shock from having helplessly witnessed the fall of the man, was accompanied to the valley by helicopter and then heard by the Carabinieri of Primiero-San Martino. There is no doubt that it was a tragic fate.


Cotugno, born in Pfaffikon, Switzerland, would have turned 61 on 18 October. He spent his entire professional life in the banking world, first as a clerk and then as an executive, starting his career as a Carive officer to finish with roles of responsibility and direction in the Intesa Sanpaolo branches in eastern Veneto.

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