Rome, gropes an 18-year-old in via del Corso, condemned and immediately free

Rome, gropes an 18-year-old in via del Corso, condemned and immediately free
Rome, gropes an 18-year-old in via del Corso, condemned and immediately free

He approached that girl who was looking at the windows in Via del Corso in Rome and touched her. And to the screams and attempts of the 18-year-old to defend herself, he continued to harass her, putting his hands on her chest. But now Amadi Riza is on the loose again. The 34-year-old of Afghan origin was blocked two days ago by the police. The agents, in Piazza Colonna, had heard the screams and immediately intervened and proceeded to arrest in flagrante delicto.

Yesterday, the Court sentenced the accused, tried in direct court with shortened shooting, to one year and four months of imprisonment for attenuated sexual violence and accepted the defense’s request to grant him the suspension of the sentence. The man, who has been in Italy for 17 years, has his documents in order, is unemployed and receives citizenship income. He had a clean record and so his lawyers asked the judge to give him one last chance. Another misstep and he will end up in jail.

Handle stopped and immediately released

The prosecution, who contested the attenuated sexual violence, he had asked for a year and four months of imprisonment without suspension of the sentence, because he would have repeatedly and forcefully groped the 18-year-old. The young woman, at 10 in the morning, was walking in the historic center to shop when, while looking at the windows of the shopping street, the man approached and started to touch her. The eighteen-year-old immediately tried to defend herself and break away from the attacker with all her might, but was unable to send him away. And so the 34-year-old continued to harass his victim until she screamed.

At the girl’s cries for help, he tried to flee towards Piazza Colonna. The eighteen-year-old chased him screaming and, at the foot of Marcus Aurelius’s column, in front of Montecitorio, a steering wheel from the Trevi district intervened and arrested Amadi Riza. Riza told the judge that the girl was consenting. He was in via del Corso for his usual morning walks and it would have been the eighteen year old to ask him to come over and have his breasts touched and then get angry for no reason.

The unemployed man has been in Italy for almost twenty years, he goes on thanks to the 500 euro monthly income of citizenship. And every morning he crosses a piece of the city on foot, from Piramide, where he lives, to via del Corso, where he met the victim. The accused’s version was not considered credible by the prosecution who, in fact, had asked for jail.

According to Riza’s defense, however, it would be a gesture of “passing madness”, the man has been in Italy for seventeen years and has never committed crimes of this type, the lawyer stressed. He was charged with only a 2007 criminal decree conviction for illegal immigration. But his position was later regularized. For the lawyer of the accused there would have been neither violence nor threats. The Afghan would have insisted on his gesture only because he hadn’t grasped its gravity from the first moment. For this reason, the defense asked the judge for the minimum sentence with conditional suspension. And the judge granted the request. Riza is free again.


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