Battiti Live, Fred De Palma and Ana Mena together again: peace made


A welcome surprise on the stage of the musical event conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci and Alan Palmieri

Published on July 29, 2021

Reunion on the stage of Live beats between Fred De Palma and Ana Mena. In the third episode of the 2021 edition, the rapper and the Spanish singer are back to sing together. The two proposed their most successful hit: Once again. One of the catchphrases of the summer of 2019, which had a great success not only in Italy but also in Spain and South America (where the piece was translated with the title of Se illuminaba).

The return of Fred De Palma and Ana Mena literally ignited the audience of Battiti Live. Last year the two kept their distance. Ana, who recently preferred to duet with the Neapolitan Rocco Hunt, she refused to accompany Fred in front of the cameras. The latter, in the 2020 edition of Battiti Live sang alone Once again despite the presence of Mena in the backstage.

A choice that immediately sparked gossip and controversy. The record company was quick to reply claiming that Ana Mena had decided not to perform with Fred De Palma because she was focused on the musical project with Rocco Hunt. One way to do not confuse the two artistic paths, the record companies had explained. Response that had not convinced the most loyal fans of the couple too much. And there are even those who spoke of a secret relationship between Fred and Ana …

This year the music has changed and Ana Mena had no problem singing with Fred De Palma, suggesting that in fact there has been a rapprochement between the two. The couple gave a perfect performance, full of sensuality and understanding.

At the end of the performance, then, Fred De Palma thanked Ana Mena and the two let themselves go to a long hug. Besides Once again the couple has produced another very popular hit in the past: It is not valid in the summer.

“No one can beat the Ana Mena-Fred De Palma duo”, wrote someone on Twitter after the couple’s duet on Battiti Live. “You can say everything you want but Fred De Palma and Ana Mena are the pair of catchphrases par excellence”someone else added.

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