Free gym or swimming pool for sixty-year-olds who get vaccinated against Covid in Borgosesia

Free gym or swimming pool for sixty-year-olds who get vaccinated against Covid in Borgosesia
Free gym or swimming pool for sixty-year-olds who get vaccinated against Covid in Borgosesia

Do you get vaccinated? Go to the gym and swimming pool for free, if you are over 60 and you are a resident of Borgosesia. In the municipality of Vercellese, in fact, tomorrow the resolution will be voted in junta to offer free fitness packages to over 60s not yet vaccinated with the slogan “vaccination opens the doors to physical health”.

The Municipality is in third place in Piedmont for the number of vaccinated but wants to improve, especially in the over 60 bracket where there are more indecisions, there are about 200 out of 12,355 residents. Numbers that arouse “strong concern”, as stated by the mayor Paolo Tiramani, as well as a Northern League deputy, who has decided to promote actions to help the undecided in making the decision. «We want to think about global wellbeing and offer them an incentive – explains Tiramani -. The virus has blocked the economy and has taken away many elderly people. My fellow citizens understood this and the vast majority of them chose the path of responsibility and rushed to get vaccinated ”.

The focus is on those who have not yet done so: “Unfortunately, there are still elderly people who refuse the vaccine, which today is the only guarantee for them to avoid becoming seriously ill, and therefore to risk dying: I would like everyone to perceive this message, and did not allow themselves to be misled by fear of this fundamental form of prevention. Getting vaccinated means having the destiny of the whole community at heart, as well as taking care of yourself ».

Thus the idea of ​​guaranteeing “the gym and the care of psycho-physical well-being, to all those over 60 who will get vaccinated”: the mayor proposed the idea to the Trialom Srl Company, which manages the Milanaccio, the town’s sports center, finding the support of Roberto Lometti. “In addition to the offer of the Municipality – specifies the commissioner Fabrizio Bonaccio – the Trialom will in turn make available water aerobics and postural gymnastics courses, for the creation of a package that can be adapted to the needs of the people involved in this initiative” .

It will be easy to use them. Seniors who get vaccinated will have to prove that they have done so (first dose) after August 1st, and will be able to collect the free season ticket at the Milanaccio sports center at the municipal offices. “I sincerely hope that our elders will be able to demonstrate in this circumstance all the wisdom that characterizes their age – specifies the mayor -, they are children of an era that has made great strides in scientific and cultural achievements, during which the the world has changed and we have all been able to count on new protections thanks to the commitment and successes of the international scientific community. Do not stop all this for an unfounded fear. Get vaccinated for your own good and for the whole of society! “

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