Physical education, no mask outdoors. In the gym in the yellow and orange areas, individual activities are better. The 2021 school plan

The 2021 school plan relating to the resumption of teaching activities next September also includes a specific chapter for physical education. Here’s what it predicts.

The text specifies that as regards the didactic activities of physical education / motor science e sports outdoorsit CTS it does not provide for the use of protective equipment for students in the white area, except for the interpersonal distance of at least two meters. For the same activities to be carried out indoors, adequate ventilation of the premises is required.

For carrying out motor sport activities in school gyms, the Committee distinguishes according to the color of the geographical areas.

Specifically in the white areas, team activities are possible but, especially indoors, individual activities must be privileged. In the yellow and orange zone, it is recommended that only individual activities be carried out.

The precautions already provided for the school year 2020-2021, also provide for limit the use of the school premises exclusively to the realization of didactic activities.

So also this year, in the event that agreements have been made with the local authorities that own the gyms that provide for their use by external parties, the CTS considers these agreements to be considered only in the white area and, for the implementation of the same , adequate cleaning and sanitization must be ensured after each use.

On the other hand, in the case of unfavorable epidemiological situations (e.g. orange zone), the educational institutions and local authorities that own the properties will evaluate the opportunity to suspend the activities of external subjects, at least until the return to the white zone of the reference territory.


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Physical education mask outdoors gym yellow orange areas individual activities school plan

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