Justice reform, nine hours of quarrels. Then comes the understanding. Special regime for mafia crimes – Corriere.it

Justice reform, nine hours of quarrels. Then comes the understanding. Special regime for mafia crimes – Corriere.it
Justice reform, nine hours of quarrels. Then comes the understanding. Special regime for mafia crimes – Corriere.it
from Giuseppe Alberto Falci and Marco Galluzzo

S of the M5S, the text in the Chamber on Sunday. Withdrawal of all amendments, Cartabia’s satisfaction

Nine hours of tension in the council of ministers, with the threat of abstention by the 5 Stars, but in the end the agreement on the reform of the justice is reached. Mario Draghi defended the overall structure of the provision, introducing a special regime for trials for all mafia crimes. According to the agreement, the procedural times for crimes attributable to 416 bis and ter are not sterilized, therefore it goes on without expiry. While for the aggravating mafia you get to six years on appeal, with a transitional regime between now and 2024. From 2025 the appeal will drop to 5 years. The one that closes – commented the Keeper of the Seals Marta Cartabia – an important day, there was unanimous approval, with full conviction of all political forces and a commitment to withdraw all amendments that had been tabled by the majority forces with the aim of speed up work in Parliament as much as possible and conclude this very important reform before the summer break. A day marked by an ever increasing tension.

9.23 convocation of the Cdm
The SMS calling for the Council of Ministers arrives. set at 11.30. At the center of the discussion is the reform of the criminal trial, whose mediation seems to be close.

11.30 the meeting is postponed
The CDM does not start. From Palazzo Chigi it filters that the offices would be defining the agreement. Skepticism from via Arenula: A distant understanding.

12.30 there is a draft
Draghi’s will remains only one: to seal the agreement and bring the text to the court today. Meanwhile, a draft mediation begins to circulate. Baster? they ask themselves in the courtyard of Montecitorio.

12.53 M5S in conclave
Dark-faced and with a quick step, the Grillino minister Federico D’Inc leaves Palazzo Chigi and heads to Montecitorio to meet Giuseppe Conte. Follows closely Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agriculture. There are also a number of parliamentarians, among others the aggressive Giulia Sarti, to examine the draft on the government’s amendment proposal.

13.00 the no of Conte
Conte and the ministers blurted out: We don’t like the draft. We could abstain in the council of ministers. The CDM begins two hours late. The 5 Stars desert, they are still reunited.

14.00 the M5S arrives
Dadone, Di Maio, Patuanelli and D’Inc sit at the table of the CDM and warn: The aggravating factors to the mafia should be inserted in the text or for us the agreement on the Cartabia reform is not there. It deals with attempted murder, corruption, attempted massacre, extortion, money laundering, kidnapping committed to facilitate the mafia.

14.40 Cdm suspended
The summit stops at Palazzo Chigi. The agreement appears distant. 15.30 Chamber blocked The session of the Justice commission begins one hour late. The grillino president Mario Perantoni sends a letter to the president Roberto I am: We have a hard time bringing the text to the court tomorrow. The former pentastellato Coletti a fury: Parliament cannot do the comforts of the government. Session suspended and reconvened at 5 pm.

17.00 the Cdm starts again
Palazzo Chigi seeks mediation: A solution must still be found. 17.30 crossed vetoes The meeting of the CDM on fire. The 5Stelle remain uncompromising and communicate by telephone with Conte. Draghi and Cartabia are irritated by the attitude of the grillini because they suspect they want to blow the table and bury the reform. Giancarlo Giorgetti assumes the role of mediator: not only guarantees for the entire center-right but has a fundamental role of weaving to reach agreement on the text.

18.25 go-ahead to the text
The agreement is there. The CDM unanimously gives the green light to the mediation proposal on the reform of the criminal process. Satisfied Draghi: Everyone has given up on the flags. The League laughs at the 5Stelle: I’m in mourning.

19.00 all satisfied
Conte claims to have prevented the trials for mafia and terrorism from dissolving into thin air. Then he attacks Salvini’s party: I am very sorry for the strong opposition of the League. Luigi Di Maio, on the other hand, it enhances teamwork: When you have a common goal, important results can be achieved, and the justice reform approved by the Council of Ministers a fundamental step that leaves no room for risks of impunity for mafia and terrorist crimes. Enrico Letta also rejoices: The balance found by the government makes justice reform better. We asked for it and we spent the whole deal on the deal. Matteo Salvini, instead, he lashes the M5S: The reform of the criminal trial approved today in the CDM despite the threats of the grillini a first step. And the other too Matteo, Renzi, in the same vein: The dear departed, the Bonafede reform, which is no more from tonight. You can no longer be charged for life. The reform is a small part, there is still a very long job to do, but now we have closed the Bonafede. The words of Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italia: It marks the end of the Bonafede reform and the justicialism of the M5S.

20.30 the calendar
The group leaders’ conference establishes that the reform of the criminal trial will arrive in the courtroom on Sunday at 2 pm. Today at 9.30 the Justice Commission will meet. The 65 amendments of the Brothers of Italy and Alternative c ‘remain to be voted on. The rapporteurs will propose the reformulation of the amendments already deposited by the government, inserting the modifications of the understanding. Objective: to finish the work within the day.

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