Full hospitalizations and Covid Hotels: the alarm of the councilorship

Full hospitalizations and Covid Hotels: the alarm of the councilorship
Full hospitalizations and Covid Hotels: the alarm of the councilorship

The alarm contained in a worried letter from the councilor.

PALERMOIf this Covid thing was a bad movie – and unfortunately it is not – a few scenes would be enough to tell why Sicily is a region at risk.

Hunting for Covid Hotel

First scene. For example, it would be enough to read a letter from the general manager of the Department of Health, Mario La Rocca, sent to the general managers of companies and hospitals that dates back to two days ago and resembles the classic alarm bell. “Given that in recent days there has been a rapid increase in infections from Covid 19 in Sicily, also as a result of tourist arrivals from outside the region and of citizens returning from other countries, also considering that the numerous infected subjects, identified through checks (…), are frequently asymptomatic, or in any case do not present symptoms such as to require hospitalization, but only need isolation or quarantine, this Department considers it useful to maintain or find accommodation facilities such as Covid Hotel, Rsa and any other structure deemed suitable (…). Also in order to reduce the inappropriate hospitalization of asymptomatic subjects in hospital wards, with the occupation of Covid beds instead intended for patients with outspoken symptoms and who need a higher level of care ”.

The risk for Sicily

The reading reveals things that appear quite clear: therefore the significant increase of hospitalizations, a clear figure but the entirety of which can be dispersed in the bundling of daily bulletins. And then a hospital situation that could, if not remedied, be further weighed down by the flow of Covid Hotels no longer able to accommodate the positive symptoms. A vicious circle that could help trigger the yellow zone. But, at this point, it must be said frankly: the real issue to keep in mind, even beyond the color, is a new sudden flare up of contagions in the region. This is what alarms. The letter reads: “The above also in light of the new national provisions which they have included as the prevailing parameter due to the change in the risk range of the regions, the occupancy rate of beds in the medical area and in intensive care ”.

Contagions on the rise

A fact is obvious with the second and last scene: that, precisely, of the daily bulletin which tells of a dangerous picture. In Sicily there are 719 new cases, the incidence rises to 5.1, hospitalizations are growing. ICU jobs are still five percent, perhaps, even less because there would have been a national counting problem that would have underestimated the amount of beds, but already solved. We would be between three and five, actually. But the virus circulates with the Delta variant and is a threat to everyone.


Full hospitalizations Covid Hotels alarm councilorship

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