Capitol, Michetti leaves the first confrontation between the candidates

The race to the Capitol comes to life with the first public confrontation, Michetti leaves the stage of the confrontation


Enrico Michetti’s presence at the first public confrontation between the four main candidates for the Capitol lasted less than expected. The candidate, after the first questions seasoned with digs and teasing, left the stage of confrontation before the last round of questions.

During his exit from the confrontation, the candidate expressed himself as follows: “Rome does not deserve this fight, goodbye”. Virginia Raggi’s reply was not long in coming, the mayor replied that “Whoever goes away from a public confrontation always loses”. Calenda, who teased Michetti several times during the confrontation, commented on the story as follows: “Today’s was an election campaign confrontation, not a picnic. During a confrontation there can also be moments that are a little more lively. Without a confrontation or a question and answer it becomes boring ”.

Lastly, Gualtieri underlined: “I’m sorry he got angry. We listened with great respect. Of course we have heard words about the Roman Empire and about many interesting times – he ironized – but few concrete proposals. Instead, I believe that the debate on the electoral campaign must be concrete ”.

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