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The Pd list for administrative offices in Rome is almost ready: it closes by 2 August

The Pd list for administrative offices in Rome is almost ready: it closes by 2 August
The Pd list for administrative offices in Rome is almost ready: it closes by 2 August

ROME – A little more than two months before the administrative elections – if the date of 3 and 4 October that filters from the Interior Ministry should be the right one – the Democratic Party of Rome accelerates on closing the list for the Campidoglio. The citizen secretary Andrea Casu (formerly in the direction of last July 23) has set for August 2, calling a management meeting – to be held at 6 pm in the Roberto Gualtieri committee, in Portonaccio – the deadline for defining the list of candidates, at least as far as it concerns most of the work to be carried out for possible skimming: the general indication for outgoing directors is the go-ahead for re-candidacy – six out of nine of the current Capitoline group will do it, the group leader Giulio Pelonzi, Orlando Corsetti and Giulio Bugarini have called out – and in these days the various availabilities are being collected which will then be examined, together with any exceptions for the members who will want to stand as candidates in the civics and, obviously, on the lists of the 15 Municipalities.


The ‘couple game’ between the demos for the race for the seats of the Capitoline Assembly has started for months and is already at an advanced stage, and offers a faithful look at the positioning of the different souls of the party on Rome in a complicated search for balance between areas that, in some cases, have a variable geometry and change according to the Municipality of reference, as in the case of the candidacies of Giammarco Palmieri and Daniele Parrucci, both with Claudia Pappatà for a ‘tri-cket’ expression of Massimiliano’s area Valeriani, or Nella Converti with Massimo De Simoni and Lorenzo Marinone (who will be the candidate of the Young Democrats of Rome) in reference to Matteo Orfini.

Among the couples on the list, Riccardo Corbucci and Giulia Tempesta stand out, close to Claudio Mancini, Maurizio Veloccia and Sabrina Alfonsi, with the blessing of Mario Ciarla, and again Andrea Alemanni and Svetlana Celli for Areadem, Yuri Trombetti and Carla Fermariello in orbit Eugenio Patanè. Then there are the tickets between Valeria Baglio and Giovanni Zannola, Antonio Stampete and Erica Battaglia, Marco Palumbo and Cristina Michetelli, Julian Colabello and Flavia Restivo, Ilaria Piccolo and Pietro Barbieri. The reformist base should instead field Mariano Angelucci and Antonella Melito, but it is not excluded that the latter may run alongside Alessandro Lepidini. Olimpia Troili is also in the running.


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