stop at the ‘Due Leoni’ stop of line C

Fear this afternoon at Via Casilina, in the Due Leoni / Fontana Candida area. A large fire developed inside a car wrecker. The firefighters’ extinguishing operations are long and still in progress, the column of smoke is visible from miles away. On the spot the Local Police, which ordered the closure of the road.

A vast fire broke out this afternoon in Rome in a car demolition near the Casilina. The fire took place in via Giarratana around 5.30 pm: on the spot, three fire brigade teams to tame the huge flames that developed between the cars. Several patrols of the Local Police VI Torri Group have closed via Casilina in both directions between via Siculiana and via delle Due Torri to ensure safety for vehicle transit and facilitate the intervention of the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection. A high column of smoke has affected the Casilina area, and is visible several kilometers away. The air in the area is unbreathable. As a precaution, a stop was ordered at the metro line C stop Due Leoni / Fontana Candida. The shutdown operations are still in progress. It does not appear that there are currently people injured in the fire.

In all, according to the firefighters, “there are about 50 interventions for bush fires and in the wooded areas, carried out today by the Fire Brigade, throughout the territory of Rome and its province. Civitavecchia, Santa Marinella, Anzio, Marino Velletri, Tivoli and the outskirts of Rome, the areas most affected “.

Photo by Reporter Montesacro

Photo by Reporter Montesacro

There are numerous fires that have broken out in the last few days city ​​of Rome. Vast green areas that catch fire in a very short time, with the flames spreading in the areas until they almost touch the houses, with great fear of the residents. Only the other day a 52-year-old man was rescued by the agents of the State Police: he was stuck in a cottage surrounded by flames in the area of ​​the Serpentara. Dazed by the smoke, he had almost lost consciousness and could not get out to safety. Once he was taken out of the cottage and away from the fire, he was entrusted to the care of 118.


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