now we can look beyond-

now we can look beyond-
now we can look beyond-
from Emanuele Buzzi

The close leader between the governists (like Di Maio) and the extremists. The attack on the League

In the Movement they celebrate. The justice agreement is seen as “a victory on penalties”. There are those who underline “the importance of finally having a guide recognized after so many months, a guide capable of stopping the impetus of Mario Draghi”. Giuseppe Conte makes it clear with his team: «Today’s is only the beginning of a confrontation who wants to be constructive with the government, always keeping in view the inalienable principles of the Movement ». The leader specifies: “Now we have to accelerate, already look beyond and think about the next municipalities.”

But the last twenty-four hours for the M5S have been spent on the high voltage line. The Five Stars – after the thrilling summit on Wednesday evening which ended well after midnight – still meet early in the morning. It is just after 9.30 when the control room is operational again. It is a new summit always wanted by Giuseppe Conte, who wants to share the line with the M5S ministers before the government meeting. The text is not convincing, the solution proposed on the subject for mafia crimes appears too bland for a party that defends the fight against the Cosa Nostra as a flag. Within the group there is talk of “bearish proposals, to be rejected”. The leader of the Movement immediately appears resolute. The twelve of the control room analyze the situation all morning (and they will all remain in contact with each other even during the hectic hours – complete with suspension – of the council of ministers): the hard line prevails. “We are ready to go all the way”. They are very long minutes: the Five Stars are aware of the risks of an extremist line, words and measures are weighed. There is talk of a close confrontation between Conte and Luigi Di Maio, even if M5S sources deny friction. In the end, the choice is to abstain, letting the interlocutors understand that the Movement is ready to replicate the choice in the Chamber.

With the halt to the meeting, the negotiations start again. Conte is on the front line: he has heard several times from Prime Minister Draghi and the Minister of Justice Cartabia. “We’re not there yet”. Diplomacy is moving at all institutional levels. The situation seems to be slipping out of hand. Luigi Di Maio in this crucial phase once again plays the role of the “moderator”. In the end comes the understanding. Conte can finally rejoice: “It is not our reform but we have worked to make a contribution to improve it.” The former premier stings the League – «There was also another battle, on all the processes connected to the mafia. I am really sorry for the opposition of the League “- and pushes away the specter of defections:” In the general discussion we will be compact “.

But in front of the exultation of the Movement there is an ex (weighty) who attacks the agreement. It is about Alessandro Di Battista, who intervenes with a very hard post. «I read that mafia crimes will probably be excluded from this mechanism. Ergo will no longer be a mafia-saving law but (except for the cancellation of the illegality itself) it will remain a law that saves thieves, saves white-collar workers, saves the powerful and, above all, saves politicians “, writes the former deputy from Bolivia . And he concludes: “Endorsing this filth despite being a little less filthy is a big mistake.”

There are some distinctions in the Movement. “Congratulations to Conte, but now M5S members have to express themselves by voting,” he points out Danilo Toninelli. It is unlikely that the activists will be consulted, however – despite the satisfaction of the elders – there are some small cracks. It is no coincidence that it is the day of the first farewell to the Conte Five Stars: to leave is the Genoese senator Elena Botto. There is no air of splitting, however. The Malpancisti, at the moment, are about twenty in all. Many parliamentarians are waiting: they want to understand what will happen both for the third term and at the territorial level. And it is no coincidence that the next game is that of the lists for the municipalities.

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