“Manuela has never had a beer” / After Temptation Island …

“Manuela has never had a beer” / After Temptation Island …
“Manuela has never had a beer” / After Temptation Island …

Luciano Punzo, with an ironic video published among the stories of Instagram, reveals a secret of Manuela Carriero. Between Luciano and Manuela, after Temptation Island 2021, a real feeling is being born as evidenced by the romantic surprise which they both shared with their followers. A frequentation, the one between the tempter and Stefano’s ex-girlfriend that continues and that pushed Luciano to join her in Brindisi. After having dinner and having a short live with the other temptators of the program, Luciano and Manuela allowed themselves a walk through the streets of the Apulian city. The couple even took a break at a club for a beer. The novelty, as Luciano later reveals with a smile, is that for Manuela it was the first beer of her life.

Luciano Punzo and Manuela Carriero: kisses and hugs in Brindisi

Manuela Carriero, in the company of Luciano Punzo, he decided to try the taste of beer. The video, published by Luciano among the stories of Instagram, was shared by a fanpage of Manuela which, in the caption of the video, reads: “There is always a first time Manu“. Many comments from fans who, in addition to congratulating Luciano and Manuela for having decided to really date after Temptation Island, write: “Be careful Manu that you get drunk “,”Finally a woman who takes away the ugly and puts on the beautiful !!“. After being the undisputed protagonists of Temptation Island 2021, therefore, Manuela and Luciano continue to make fans dream. Among all those who participated in the latest edition of the program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, in fact, Luciano and Manuela are certainly the most loved.



Manuela beer Temptation Island

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