Iranians are thirsty | The paper

Iranians are thirsty | The paper
Iranians are thirsty | The paper

In Iran there is also no water and two days ago the “protests of the thirsty”, Starting in the southwest, they have reached the capital. The Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei and the president (for another month) Hassan Rohani | they publicly claim that the protesters “must be respected”. But it is only propaganda for those who live far from the Khuzestan province, where it all began. There, the videos shot during the processions tell of a brutal repression: in addition to tear gas and batons, the police shoot at eye level with live bullets, and there have already been at least eight deaths. Posts accompanied by hashtags KhuzestanThirsy they follow each other on Twitter, and it is then that the nervousness of the regime, as usual, requires the slowdown of the internet from the telephone across the country. A form of repression that, this time, did not help much.

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Iranians thirsty paper

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