How is the new MSC Seashore, the largest ship in Italy, made

How is the new MSC Seashore, the largest ship in Italy, made
How is the new MSC Seashore, the largest ship in Italy, made

When it is launched (or shortly), it will be the largest ship ever built in Italy. The MSC Seashore, delivered only a few days by Fincantieri to the shipping company, will soon sail towards the open sea for its first cruise. The new ship, with a modern and elegant design, is the first of the new Seaside EVO series and is equipped with cutting-edge technology and is yet another step forward to reduce polluting emissions.

The Seashore has a whole range of completely new features, locations and experiences for guests, as 65% of public areas have been reinvented to further enhance the onboard experience. The ship has 13,000 square meters of outdoor spaces, with several lounges, outdoor bars and restaurants, swimming pools and areas for relaxing or sunbathing, as well as several vantage points from which to admire striking sea views.

In addition, it will be equipped with cutting-edge technology that will allow it to become the first cruise ship in the world to have a new air sanitation system, ‘Safe Air’, which uses UV-C lamp technology to eliminate viruses and bacteria to ensure clean and safe air for guests and crew.

In addition to the dimensions (339 meters long for 170,400 tons of tonnage), this ship breaks all sustainability records, thanks to the innovative environmental performance with which it was conceived, with the long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality of operations by 2050.

MSC Seashore will begin its inaugural season in the Mediterranean this summer, with the classic “Six Pearls” itinerary that touches Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta, Malta, Barcelona and Marseille.
At the end of the summer season, on October 31st the ship will leave Genoa for an 18-night cruise to North America. From November 20, it will therefore offer seven-night Caribbean cruises departing from Miami to discover San Juan (Puerto Rico), Charlotte Amalie (Saint Thomas), Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) and then Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the private island of MSC Cruises to the Bahamas.

The ship has a capacity of 5,877 guests who can accommodate in 2,270 cabins and a crew of 1,648 members, with the hope that the time of departure can be filled to one hundred percent while at the moment the ships have half the capacity. The ship is a tribute to the city of New York, from which it takes inspiration for some of the most curious details. As the replica of the Statue of Liberty, three meters of sculpture that dominates the heart of the casino. Or the large area dedicated to shopping and entertainment, which has been called Times Square, with an 8 and a half meter high LED wall that reproduces the iconic Manhattan square and the main pool, the Long Island Pool, which even has an island on which a lounge space has been created.

The new MSC Seashore

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