“The truth? How is it in private”, a big surprise – Libero Quotidiano

“The truth? How is it in private”, a big surprise – Libero Quotidiano
“The truth? How is it in private”, a big surprise – Libero Quotidiano

They are excellent colleagues at work but also good friends in private: Lorella Cuccarini – in an interview with the weekly Today – revealed what his relationship with Maria De Filippi, with which he recently collaborated for the latest edition of Friends . Referring to the hostess, then, Cuccarini revealed: “In private she is very protective, nice and generous at the same time“Then he explained that finding a person from the world of entertainment with all these qualities is not at all easy.

The showgirl also stated that she was confirmed in the cast of Friends also for the next edition, which as always will be broadcast on Canale 5. The dance teacher also said that De Filippi is very good at seeing and recognizing talent: “You have a great professional intuition. He has an incredible intuition ”. Lorella also said she was happy to have had the opportunity to work alongside the well-known face of Canale 5: “Our meeting was magnificent”.

Speaking, then, of his 30 years of marriage with the producer Silvio Testi, he confessed that there have been many ups and downs as for all couples, but in any case there was never the intention to screw everything up at the first problem: “Silvio and I are one ‘we’, imperfect but always with a two-person perspective “. And again: “We have been there, in joy and pain. It is in difficult moments that we have understood we are strong “.

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