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Mara Venier wrote a very long letter to her friend and colleague Maria De Filippi. In the letter words of affection, friendship and hope for the future of work in a sector extremely affected by the pandemic.

Mara Venier wrote to Maria De Filippi a letter published by Novella 2000. The letter of Mara Venier start like this:

Dear Maria, usually the letters end with a “I love you”, I start with a “I love you Maria”. and you know, to tell you it makes me feel better, cause you are the best. If I think of you, a few words come to mind. One of these is: hope. Maria gave us hope. In your broadcasts you have taught us and you teach us that dreams can come true, as in Friends, and family conflicts can be healed and it happens in your There is mail for you.

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Mara Venier is linked by a long and solid friendship a Maria De Filippi, as the letter in question testifies.

Mara Venier to Maria De Filippi, what will become of the entertainment world due to the pandemic?


Mara Venier in the long letter to her friend Maria De Filippi, after talking about the sincere friendship that binds them, he addressed the issue of the entertainment world and the enormous difficulties related to the pandemic.

In the last year and a half everything seemed to be over, pulverized and instead you (and I like you) have never interrupted a broadcast: Friends was made without an audience, Men and women with plexiglass and spacing and so on. It comes to mind when I was crossing a scary deserted Rome, to go to Domenica In in an empty studio and with guests at home. Even so, we have found hope. As Eduardo De Filippo used to say “He has from pass to nuttata” with difficulty maybe we are doing it.

A moving letter from Mara Venier, which demonstrates the esteem and affection that over the years linked her to her colleague Maria De Filippi, together with the enormous passion for their work that unites them.

Francesca Naima Bartocci

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