Green Pass in hotels from 6 August? It is chaos for hotel reservations

Green Pass in hotels from 6 August? It is chaos for hotel reservations
Green Pass in hotels from 6 August? It is chaos for hotel reservations

From 6 August, the Green Pass it will be valid and mandatory to access many indoor services from restaurants and bars, passing through cinemas, theaters, museums, gyms, swimming pools, game rooms, fairs, events and conferences. While the Government is deciding whether to make the Green Pass mandatory also for boarding trains, planes, ships and public transport in general, many are wondering if the pass is also necessary for hotel.

Green Pass in the hotels and the restaurant node inside

In the sector of tourism the Green Pass has generated confusion especially for hotels and hotels that offer food service. In fact, if the Green Pass is not required to stay in the hotel, it becomes one, looking at the norm, if you have dinner or breakfast in the structure. To access the restaurants and bars inside the structures, one must therefore show the green pass but this has generated chaos and many requests for clarification from tourists who had long ago booked their stay and perhaps even paid.

The president of Federalberghi, Bernabò Bocca, launched a sort of alarm regarding the Green Pass issue in hotels: “In the face of the unforeseen restrictions that would provide for the control of green certification in the restaurants inside the hotel also for the guests, it is feared that there may be cancellations. We remind you that hoteliers have already entered into half-board contracts with their customers that no one would absolutely want to disregard.”.

Chaos pass bookings in hotels

The problem mainly concerns families with children under the age of 12 who do not have the vaccine and therefore would find themselves unprepared. A warning that also came from Confindustria Hotels: “We therefore ask very promptly for all the information necessary to continue to guarantee stays in absolute safety and serenity for our guests.i ”underlined the president Maria Carmela Colaiacovo.

For days, in fact, many structures have been complaining of receiving cancellations precisely because of the lack of clarity of the decree when it comes to hotels. In fact, from 6 August to stay overnight in hotels and hotels, the Green Pass will not be required but this must be shown if you enter the restaurant indoors, both for breakfast and dinner.

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