Justice reform, CDM kicks off two hours late to seek agreement, then suspended. Dissatisfied M5s: there is the hypothesis of abstention. Conte brings together deputies and senators to analyze the draft

There is no agreement yet in majority on the government’s proposal to revise the Cartabia reform that changes the rules of criminal trial. Mario Draghi aims to close during the cabinet – started two hours later than the meeting time and immediately suspended – to try to find the square. But the meeting started in the absence of the ministers M5s, engaged from 10 in a river summit with the head in pectore Giuseppe Conte and the group leaders. At Palazzo Chigi they arrived in dribs and drabs after 2pm. But in the meantime, discontent was filtering through mediation identified: from the grid of theinadmissibility, for the Movement, they must be excluded the processes concerning the crimes of 416 to 1, those that facilitate the activities of mafia-type associations or make use of belonging to the mafia in addition to external competition, “but in the draft agreement – explain 5 Star sources – these crimes remained out. This is not the case. The M5s no compromise on the mafia “. According to theAnsa the M5S delegation could refrain.

The draft has not yet been released but is in the hands of Conte, who is analyzing it in a “call” with deputies, ministers and grillini senators, evaluating the changes proposed by Draghi and Cartabia with respect to the original text, the one approved by the Government on 8 July last. The agreement is at risk, in fact, but the will of the premier is to lock the modified text this morning on the CDM, to bring it to the Chamber – as expected – tomorrow, Friday 30 July: this is why he also met the delegation of the four M5s ministers this morning. The alternative, the smoking gun resting on the table from the day of the first approval, is to proceed with the original text and go to count on it, opening a probable crisis in the Movement. On Facebook Alessandro Di Battista summarizes the state of the negotiation by writing that “if to 100 kg of shit 20 kg are taken off always 80 kg remain. And always shit is! “. In particular, “I believe that the mechanism of non-compliance (with the excuse of long trials) was designed to save illustrious and flabby buttocks. And endorsing this crap despite being a little less filthy is a big mistake. A mistake that will make i happy Berlusconi and the countless “berluschini“Of Italy”.

Conte, in this regard, went to Montecitorio to meet (again) with his parliamentarians and try to keep the rows together. Yesterday the agreement seemed to be one step away, with the OK from the League to the main request of the Movement – to exclude the processes of mafia, terrorism and those for environmental crimes – provided that two flag categories are also included, the sexual violence and the drug trafficking. But late in the evening a statement released to reporters by Conte had made us imagine new difficulties: “We work to ensure that the trials are celebrated,” he said as he left the Senate. “As a Lega we asked to add crimes of sexual violence and drug trafficking among the crimes on which to go through without the trials being able to end prematurely. I am doing mediation work, let’s try to close it by today“, he added Matteo Salvini in the morning to the reporters.

This morning, however, yet another front has opened in the infernal negotiations. The national coordinator of Forza Italia was added to pull the rope from his side Antonio Tajani, who asked in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Draghi “Guaranteed corrective” to the text of the bill. A counterpoint to the rapid evolutions of the previous day, with the Carroccio queuing up within 24 hours to the requests of the 5 stars, and a way to clarify to Draghi that the Berlusconians they do not intend to “save” too many types of crime by the new rules. As reported today by the Courier serviceMoreover, the Forza Italia deputies in the Justice Commission and the calendiano Enrico Costa are also opposed to the grillino amendment – on which Cartabia is okay – which allows the trials for minor offenses to be held even on appeal. to one judge instead of three, with considerable savings in human resources.

Last night Draghi also heard from the Pd secretary Enrico Letta, who reiterated “the commitment of the Democratic Party to a more balanced and high-profile solution possible”. Translated, the dem votes will not fail in any case. The national anti-mafia prosecutor is also on Thursday Federico Cafiero De Raho, who in the hearing in the House had harshly criticized the reform even speaking of a “threat to the security of the country”, it was said “optimistic” for the exclusion of the trials for mafia and terrorism from those to be carried out within two years on appeal and one in the Supreme Court: “A change of this type is indispensable“, He explains,” there seems to be an acknowledgment of the importance of recognizing a different track for those processes “, which” cannot be guillotined for the passage of time. It seems that we are working on this, we would be on the path that we all share. We have expressed concern about the impossibility of proceeding: by intervening on the crimes of the mafia and terrorism we are going to correct what could perhaps have been system failure“.

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