Boss of the lace stole the meat and the vigilante ‘cop’ took a big risk

Boss of the lace stole the meat and the vigilante ‘cop’ took a big risk
Boss of the lace stole the meat and the vigilante ‘cop’ took a big risk

PALERMO – The lace boss worked at the supermarket and, according to the prosecution, he had the habit of stealing the goods. Someone had noticed and risked a physical punishment, avoided only by the intervention of the police.

There is also this background of mafia misery and oppression in the investigation that in recent days has led to the arrest of bosses and wingmen of the Ciaculli district.

Among the arrests there is Giuseppe Ciresi who, according to the DDA of Palermo, would have received the task of dealing with extortion from Maurizio Di Fede, considered the strongman of the Roccella family.

The story of the thefts came out listening to the dialogues between Di Fede, Onofrio Claudio Palma (also arrested) and the convicted Salvatore Gucciardi, known by the nickname “u banana”, and arrested in 2009.

They met in a bar in Corso dei Mille. There was to face the question of the employee of a supermarket, transferred from Villabate to a store in Palermo, too loyal to duty.

In fact, he was sticking to the duties assigned to him, given his supervisory duties.

In short, he had to pinch the customers who stole the goods displayed on the shelves. Except that the suspicions had also fallen on Ciresi, who in all probability had the habit of filling the refrigerator at home with the meat taken without paying at the supermarket.

“He’s breaking the shit,” Palma said bluntly. And to think that the vigilante was transferred after a “client” had him hit with a helmet as soon as he was caught stealing. All that remained was to repeat the lesson: so suggested Di Fede and Gucciardi replied with a laugh.

Palma: “But what is to be done with this? He says they sent him away from Villabate because took a helmet shot“. Of Faith: “And the same thing is done here. What’s the problem?”.

It had to be dammed there “Copiousness” of the employee “who checks the shopping, the receipts, checks if that instead of giving you four slices gives you four and a half …”. “And must he abbuscari just without telling him anything?”, Gucciardi asked himself, inclined to a soft line. And he announced that the next day he would show up at the supermarket to explain to the employee that it was better to “mind his own business”.

So it happened, but there were also policemen from the flying squad in front of the supermarket. They documented the arrival of Ciresi and Palma. It was the investigative feedback they were looking for.

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