the romantic surprise after Temptation Island

the romantic surprise after Temptation Island
the romantic surprise after Temptation Island

The relationship between Luciano Punzo and Manuela Carriero after Temptation Island 2021. In recent days the girl, who said goodbye to the now ex boyfriend Stefano Sirena, posted the first couple photo. Luciano, on the other hand, shared with his followers the videos of the surprise that Manuela organized for him during the three days spent together in Rome. In the videos, the former tempter is seen entering a hotel room decked out with rose petals, candles and heart-shaped balloons and red balloons on the headboard. On each balloon, Manuela wrote a romantic message: “I want you so much”, “You are mine”, “You are amazing”, “I chose you“. Lots of messages from his fans cheering for them: “How beautiful you are, I wish you the best because you deserve it so much” e “You are simply fantastic. The fairytale that everyone would like to live”.

Luciano Punzo and Manuela Carriero: the romantic dedication on social media

In the last episode of Temptation Island 2021 Luciano Punzo, in front of Filippo Bisciglia, he did not hide the fact that he felt a real interest in Manuela Carriero. The young man made it known that he had introduced her to his family: “Manuela is a special person, I have already introduced her to my mom, my father and my brother: my mom is crazy for Manu! We met in Naples and spent a few days together. Now we are happy together, we feel engaged. We’re engaged“. In the last few hours, Luciano has published a video in his Instagram Stories in which he dedicates the song “Fire into fire”By Eros Ramazzotti to Manuela. The girl immediately reposted the Story on her profile. For now, the two boys seem more in love than ever, time will reveal how their story will continue.



romantic surprise Temptation Island

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