“Italy? She is generous. After the lockdown there was a queue on the Red Square, to see the works brought by you »- Corriere.it

“Italy? She is generous. After the lockdown there was a queue on the Red Square, to see the works brought by you »- Corriere.it
“Italy? She is generous. After the lockdown there was a queue on the Red Square, to see the works brought by you »- Corriere.it
from Francesca Pini

Olga Lubymova, 39, a career-lightning: “The Russia of art is much more than Moscow and St. Petersburg: soon the Tretyakov gallery also in Vladivostok

Italy has visited far and wide, and then also in a special way, making various documentaries as a screenwriter and producer: in Messina the one on the 1908 earthquake and on the sailors sent there to rescue from her country, Russia. And then the one on Russian writers who lived in Rome (like Gogol ‘), and in Milan the great interpreters who sang at La Scala. Then a visit of the heart to Montecatini, where in 1987 Nikita Mikhalkov shot scenes of Oci Ciornie with Mastroianni and Mangano. At that time Olga Lyubimova he was five years old. And today it is the youngest minister of culture of the Russian Federation in office since 2020, considers the great director (teacher and friend) «the person to always ask for advice».

Daughter of two great personalities in the world of theater (mother actress and father deputy director of the Maly theater, and with ancestors governors in the service of two tsars), she has crossed the steps of an internal career in a flash, in just two years of working in the ministry.
The arrows immediately hit her when in an undated photo (never removed from the web), she is seen wearing a t-shirt with counter-culture phrases, like others written in a 2008 blog. «It is useless to try to cancel because it is part of my life, of my past. And I want to remain myself in the future too, ”says the 39-year-old minister, behind her serious studies in theater and journalism, then landing on state television. With the victory of director Kira Kovalenko in Cannes (in the Un certain regard section), her country is celebrating a beautiful moment. And the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg sells the first NFTs of his masterpieces.

After Rome at the G20, other commitments in bilateral agreements bring Italy and Russia closer, in this two-year period 2021/22. In September in Venice as part of the Venice Film Festival (two films in competition) to encourage co-productions and in Milan the summit between the directors of the main museums of the two countries. Museums that are the foundation of this cooperation (hence Raphael’s project at the Hermitage), as well as the exhibition of the bicentenary of Dostoevsky’s birth. And then also a “road show” in Bologna and Naples. «As soon as the first lockdown ended, in 2020, the Italians, in these unprecedented conditions, in the their generosity that moves me, they went out of their way to bring us the exhibitions: like Brescia with that of Dürer’s engravings in Moscow. The line of visitors started from the Red Square», Says the minister.

2020 annus horribilis for museums, theaters, cinemas. Thousands of skilled professionals with no more work, who have also managed to be riders. Among the many and various aid allocated by his ministry, 4.2 billion rubles (48,371,843.04 million euros) for the cinema sector and then also those to private circuses and zoos for 238.5 million rubles (2,747 .643.49 euros). But this crisis sparked creativity. New cultural models are being sought in the world. Is the real / digital mix the winning formula for you too? “We had to immediately support the whole system, our theaters and state museums, it was very important to avoid layoffs, break contracts, pay the salaries of dancers, singers, workers, the extra costs for safety. We did not want the training to be interrupted, as many as 48 music and art schools belong to the ministry, and our pupils learned online at their home under the supervision of the professors. But the biggest challenge was to the audience, how to entertain them at home. For example, the Ermitage has created a series of lectures, also in Italian. With digital, a new message has been created for the future. In the first half of 2021, the culture.ru portal was visited 60 million times. With a double growth compared to the same period last year. Almost a quarter of the portal users (24.8%) are young people under the age of 18 ”.

Culture is considered softpower, but in reality it is superpower, the architectures of museums today reflect this idea, as evidenced by the new Munch museum in Oslo just completed. Even Moscow, in this sense, is aligning itself to equip itself with a very articulated system with the mega expansion of the Pushkin fine arts museum, the GES2 (a former power plant redesigned by Renzo Piano), the new Tretyakov Gallery redesigned by Rem Koolhaas by 2024. But apart from the very popular Moscow and St. Petersburg, little is known of other places (such as Siberia, Urals …) where there is a very lively art. “Yes, exactly. It is not enough to know Moscow, there are larger realities, other territories, like Vladivostok, where Tretyakov will have a branch, a multimedia environment will be created inside the historic fortress. During the pandemic, our colleagues from the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg managed to restore the palace of Pavlosk, and thanks to this there will be other spaces to exhibit the works. In the future we want to organize foreign tours of ethnic companies, which represent the culture of our various peoples. About 146 million people live in Russia today, in the wake of the pandemic, an incredible number of Russians have begun to travel to their country again, in the future we would like to bring foreign tourists to these places too ».

Now, for contemporary art it is the great moment of African artists, after Chinese ones. In this global context, Russian artists, outside their own country, have little visibility today. Apart from individual cases, such as that of AES + F, or of Sasha Ponomarev, who left right now with a ship for an artistic expedition to the Arctic. «He is famous, with his ships he has gone everywhere, every time there is an exhibition of him at the Pushkin museum there is a queue of people. But there is a whole generation of young Russian artists that we will bring next year to the Venice Biennale. To the Giardini we have a historic pavilion built in 1914 and thanks to the setback of the pandemic we have been able to restore it ».

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