the band will go on without Dusty Hill

After yesterday’s news about the bass player’s death Dusty Hill of the ZZ TOP, confirmation arrives that the group will move forward without him.

To make it known is the radio host Eddie Trunk, who received a message directly from the guitarist and singer Billy Gibbons:

“I got a message from just now Billy Gibbons about the death of Dusty Hill. Billy he told me to let the fans know: as he said anyway Dusty before dying, ‘Let the show go on!’. Respecting him, we will go ahead and honor his wishes ”.

The role of bassist will be officially entrusted to the guitar technician Elwood Francis which already played on July 23 to replace Hill. Come Billy Gibbons tells a Eddie Trunk, to choose his replacement was Dusty Hill same:

Dusty he took my arm and said: come on Elwood the position of bass player and take them to the ‘Top‘. That’s what he wanted ”.

Hill he died on July 27 at his home in Houston, Texas.


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