“Viviana Parisi killed her son and threw herself from the pylon”

“Viviana Parisi killed her son and threw herself from the pylon”
“Viviana Parisi killed her son and threw herself from the pylon”

This could be the last act of the story of Viviana Parisi, the deejay found dead in the woods of Caronia (Sicily) on 8 August 2020. According to the Public Prosecutor of Patti, who coordinates the investigation into the death of the woman and her son, one year after the events, the 41 year old “has killed by throwing herself from the pylon ”at the foot of which she was found lifeless. And, in all likelihood, before killing himself he would have strangled the son Joel 4 years old, then found in the woods on 19 August. Therefore, no double homicide. For this reason, as Adnkronos learns, the prosecutor asked the investigating judge to file it.

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In the filing request, Patti’s Chief Prosecutor, Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, lists a series of consultations and some wiretapping from which all the woman’s mental illness would emerge. “The investigations made it possible to indisputably ascertain Viviana’s precarious mental health conditions,” says the Prosecutor. Which recalls Viviana’s transport to the emergency room, on March 18, 2020, in full lockdown, at the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto hospital. «The emergency room doctor who intervened recalled seeing Viviana lying on the ground, repeating the phrase:» We have handed our children over to the devil !!».

About three months later, at the end of June, the woman was again taken to the Emergency Department of the Policlinico di Messina, for having voluntarily ingested drugs, as the doctors say. «with clear self-injurious intent». Episodes «not isolated», as the magistrate himself writes. «All Viviana Parisi’s family members, friends and neighbors have declared how the woman, over time, had given rise to numerous episodes of psychological instability, adopting unique behaviors», like reading the Bible on the balcony of the house or in the churchyard, in full lockdown, «as well as accusing delusions of persecution and fears of various kinds, such as that of being controlled by strangers, even through television and mobile phones, or believing that they are being followed by large-powered cars».

Not only. In the documents of the investigation and the request for filing there are also the messages that Daniele Mondello wrote to his wife to ask her to take the medicines. On June 8, 2020 Mondello wrote to his wife: “Take the pills, if you love your son”. And again: “You ruined our family, be ashamed, I’m only sorry for my son who didn’t deserve this.” “Take care!” On the same date Mondello sent the following screenshot to his wife Viviana: «Strategic Therapy Center – Research Training, Psychotherapy Institute – Paranoia and delusions of persecution. The intervention through brief strategic psychotherapy» and, immediately after, the following message: «Read well, do not be presumptuous, this is the problem that I have been close to you to help you, but you do not want to be helped and you are destroying our son’s life, yours and mine and you are making your family and mine suffer, for once listen to who really loves you!».

«The precarious health conditions of the woman, however, were confirmed by the results of the “psychological autopsy” performed by Professor Picozzi, who established that the woman suffered from “an important pathology of psychotic significance”, a pathology from which no was never fully recovered. In other words, the woman suffered from a “pre-existing discomfort for at least two years”, with clinical aspects such as to lead to hypothesize a compulsory health check for the situation, characterized by the “presence of psychotic cues, with mystical, persecutory and ruin (references to the devil, delusional interpretativeness – the devil in the serpent of the staff of Asclepius -).

According to the consultant «… The road accident represented for her an acute stressor that exceeded all processing and resolution skills»; this situation was caused by a persecutory interpretation of the event», as if the accident had been «intentionally caused, to harm them, by non-existent attackers», or, alternatively, from «in triggering the unacceptable fear that her husband would take advantage of this to take away parental authority, keeping her away from her child forever»

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