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Gimbe, in 7 days the number of deaths grows by 46%, is the fourth wave – Health

Gimbe, in 7 days the number of deaths grows by 46%, is the fourth wave – Health
Gimbe, in 7 days the number of deaths grows by 46%, is the fourth wave – Health

From cases to deaths, passing through hospitalizations, the epidemic grows and “in fact we have entered the 4th wave”. After 15 weeks of decline, victims are back on the rise: 111 in the last week, 46% more than the 76 of the previous week. This was revealed by the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation for the week 21-27 July 2021, which sees a weekly increase of 64.8% of new cases (31,963 compared to 19,390), an increase of 42.9% of people in isolation (68,510 compared to to 47,951), a 34.9% increase in hospitalizations with symptoms (1,611 compared to 1,194) and 14.5% in intensive care.

In all regions except Molise there is a percentage increase in new cases and in 40 provinces the incidence exceeds 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Three Provinces have over 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: Caltanissetta (272), Cagliari (257) and Ragusa (193). Furthermore, the virus “circulates more than documented by the new cases identified”, declares Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, “due to insufficient testing activities and the failure to resume contact tracing, made increasingly difficult by increase in positives “. In fact, in the face of a surge in the positive / person tested ratio (from 1.8% in the week of 30 June-6 July to 9.1% on 21-27 July), the average of new cases has undergone a decline in ‘last week.
Finally, a slight increase in hospitalizations is confirmed, documenting the hospital impact of the delta variant: the number of beds occupied by Covid patients in the medical area went from 1,088 on July 16 to 1,611 on July 27 and that of intensive care from 151 in July 14 to the 189 of July 27, even if the percentages remain low, with all the Regions recording much lower values ​​than 15% for the medical area and 10% for the critical area.

Of the more than 4.5 million people between 12 and 19 years old, just over 670,000 (14.7%) completed the vaccination cycle and nearly 765,000 (16.8%) received the first dose only. Therefore, in this age group 68.5%, or 3,121,710, is still fully uncovered, however, with very significant regional differences, ranging from 85.9% in Umbria to 61.4% in Abruzzo. This is highlighted by the new independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, which underlines: “if the reopening of schools in the presence of 100% must be the priority objective, focusing exclusively on vaccination coverage is risky”.

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