Viruses and vaccines: those dangerous games –

Viruses and vaccines: those dangerous games –
Viruses and vaccines: those dangerous games –

IFoucault’s Pendulum is perhaps not Umberto Eco’s most successful novel; but the author was particularly attached to him, because he developed one of his intuitions. Men like to think that their story is not linked to Chance, but to a Plan. Obviously the Plan does not exist; but men believe in it to the point of aligning their actions and opinions with the Plan. This attitude has always existed, but has now found a formidable multiplier: the Net. Not surprisingly, the movement that opposes vaccines and the green pass is much stronger on social media than in the streets.

Many of us are convinced that there is a band of representation – in which politics, the media, intellectuals move – and a band of reality, where things are said as they are. Obviously a fake scheme; but some politicians and intellectuals have verified how much sympathy and how much credit they can get if they adhere to it.

Obviously, freedom of thought and speech is sacred, and it always goes respecteda. But the more serious and authoritative one is, the more one should exercise this freedom with rigor; even more so in a crucial phase like this.

The plans have not even succeeded in dictators, from Mao to Stalin, willing to kill millions of people in order to achieve them; although this has not prevented them from enjoying credit and prestige with many Western intellectuals. The idea that today there is a plan hatched by Merkel, Draghi and Biden to impose a control on the bodies, obviously in league with Big Pharma, is quite ridiculous in itself. This does not exclude that many believe you. Which wouldn’t be dramatic if it didn’t have serious consequences.

In these eighteen months of the pandemic, scientists have repeatedly contradicted themselves, but they agree on one point, amply supported by every statistic, in every country: the virus is incomparably more dangerous than the vaccine. The green pass is not the concentration camp universe studied by Michel Foucault, not the gulag denounced by Aleksandr Solgenicyn, and obviously not the antechamber of Nazism, as someone ventured to argue; evidence that an individual, having received at least one dose of the vaccine, is much less likely to become infected and transmit the virus than someone who has not received the vaccine. The state protects the freedom not to get vaccinated; not that of endangering others.

Massimo Cacciari and Giorgio Agamben have been careful not to join the ranks of deniers and supporters of reckless historical similes. However, it remains serious that two important intellectuals lend themselves to being exploited by those who refuse to carry out their civic duty, to acknowledge that in a pandemic each is responsible for the salvation of the other.

The vaccine is neither right nor left. Massimo Gramellini recalled that vaccines were conceived, financed and implemented in the America of Donald Trump and in the Great Britain of Boris Johnson, leaders of a right different from the traditional one, with more or less accentuated shades of populism and nationalism. That the leaders of our local right are so tepid towards vaccines should be surprising. As well as the presence on the left of a thought that one would like to be anti-system, but ends up translating into antisocial forms, such as the refusal of vaccinations and the certificates that confirm them. The green pass, not the scarlet letter, not the number of the Beast; simply the pass to interact with others, without exposing oneself to dangers and without creating any. Then obviously there are no guarantees, no one is 100% safe. But so far nothing has been found better than vaccines; and this is not a theory, the reality.

We all agree: it is very hard to accept that the human affair is at stake in the case, which has recently manifested itself with a virus that has disrupted projects, the economy and opportunities. But the alternative to Chance is not the secret Plan of the powerful who rule the world. trust in science, work, progress, mutual aid; which in this circumstance took the prosaic form of an injection and a certificate.

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