Gianmarco Tamberi between the Olympics and his girlfriend: diet and training of the altista

Gianmarco Tamberi between the Olympics and his girlfriend: diet and training of the altista
Gianmarco Tamberi between the Olympics and his girlfriend: diet and training of the altista

Let’s find out how he trains and what he eats the blue Gianmarco Tamberi, now engaged in the high jump in Tokyo 2020 before marrying his girlfriend Chiara

Gianmarco Tamberi (29 years old) had been waiting for the appointment with the Olympic Games for 9 years. Everything has been planned down to the smallest detail. The diet, the training and of course the wedding with his girlfriend Chiara Bontempi. The proposal has already arrived, complete with romantic images published on social media, but the big event will be held after Japan. In short, one important appointment at a time.

The power of Gimbo Tamberi

What are the secrets of Ancona? Let’s start with the diet, since the blue altista follows it for about 300 days a year. Except at the end of the season, usually from mid-September to mid-October. “In that period – he said – I eat everything and almost without limits. Pizzas, ice creams, even Nutella. Although then I love to eat well and I spend hours on TripAdvisor to find the right places. Then I return attentive and scrupulous and, gradually, decline. Goodbye to fats, now. I eat as lean as possible, only quality products. But on my table, for example, there is often pasta . I buy it in a deli and dress it with excellent olive oil. In any case, I have to be careful, because I assimilate everything, a nothing is enough and the scales are once again my enemy ”.

Tamberi’s do-it-yourself diet

Diet is a constant thought in the life of a sportsman: “There is no intensity of a workout or difficulty of a race that holds. It is a constant thought, an obsession. Psychologically and physically very convincing. Certain sacrifices and certain privations cause suffering. In 2015 I turned to a nutritionist: for many reasons it was not a good experience. I found myself drained of energy and almost scared. Since then I have done my own thing. I’m not saying that being followed by an expert is wrong, quite the contrary. But I must have free rein. I studied, I update myself, I inquire, I compare myself. I read. I modify according to my needs. Nutrition is a very interesting subject ”, he told in the past to The Gazzetta dello Sport.

The training of Gianmarco Tamberi

How does a jumper train? Tamberi said he focuses a lot on quality of exercises. Furthermore, his routine changes at different times of the year. In winter, the workouts are heavier, while in the periods preceding the races lighter, because the legs need to be more rested. He hates working out in the morning and has revealed a little secret on Instagram. There cold therapy. “After each workout, those 6 minutes of ice water are a bit like heaven and hell. 6 degrees water to allow the muscles to dispose of the toxins of work in the best possible way. The smile I admit to having kept it for only 5 seconds of the shot, I do not hide that you suffer, but I guarantee it is worth it! “.

The curiosity

He is a son and a brother of art. His dad Marco was the Italian indoor record holder in the high jump while the brother Gianluca he is the Italian junior record holder of the javelin throw (but also model and actor). Long before embarking on the sport that made him a champion, Gianmarco loved to play basketball. He follows the NBA a lot, at home there is no lack of a basket and… His idol? T-Mac! And finally, how not to talk about his nickname “half beard” or “half shave” (together with Gimbo), a shave that has now become his lucky charm. It is a superstition born by chance. I just know that I’ve been on the runway with this look for years and I wouldn’t be able to go there if I didn’t. It’s a trademark now, even if my fiancée can’t stand it, ”he said in the past.

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Gianmarco Tamberi Olympics girlfriend diet training altista

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