Saman, a mysterious couple allegedly guarded her at home before she disappeared

Saman Abbas had moved away on 11 April from a protected structure, where she had been placed by social services following the complaint against her parents for forced marriage in Pakistan. Then he had decided to go home to his parents, in the Bassa Reggiana. And here, in the Novellara farm where the family worked for a farm, she would have been guarded by a man and a woman, husband and wife, guests of the Abbas. But the traces of the two were lost as well as the parents, the uncle and a cousin, all wanted and fugitives (the first in Pakistan, the last two presumably in Europe), under investigation in competition for the alleged premeditated murder, kidnapping and concealment of a corpse. Only one suspect, another cousin, was arrested and is currently in prison in Reggio Emilia, but he has always declared himself unrelated to the facts.

After 67 days of incessant searches in Novellara, there is no trace of Saman. Her boyfriend thinks she’s still alive, kidnapped somewhere.


Saman mysterious couple allegedly guarded home disappeared

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