Tokyo Olympics calendar: the program for July 29th. Races, timetables, Italians in the race and must see them on TV

Tokyo Olympics calendar: the program for July 29th. Races, timetables, Italians in the race and must see them on TV
Tokyo Olympics calendar: the program for July 29th. Races, timetables, Italians in the race and must see them on TV

Also to be followed are the finals of men’s and women’s lightweight rowing and the journey of Jessica Rossi and Silvana Stanco in the Olympic pit. In the water the blue men’s water polo

Sixth day of competition in Tokyo. We immediately start cheering on Italy: at 2 am the volleyball girls return to the field in the group match against Argentina. At the same time, Jessica Rossi and Silvana Stanco continue their journey in the preliminary rounds of the Olympic pit. At 2.50 a final with potential medal is that of the double light rowing weights (Oppo-Ruta), followed at 3.10 by the women (Cesarini-Rondini). At 3.30 Paltrinieri looks for the miracle in the 800 sl final, at 4.37 the Miressi arrow challenges Dressel in the 100 sl final. At 3.50 the team fencing tournament begins which gives us hope for a medal: women’s foil with Batini, Errigo, Volpi, Cipressa. At 7 again in the swimming pool for Italy-USA of water polo.

Ore 00.30: Golf U, 1st lap (1.03 Migliozzi, 2.25 Paratore)

2:Beach volley D, grenade: USA-Kenya

2:Volleyball D, groups: Italy-Argentina.

2:Skeet shootingD, Olympic pit qualifiers (Tired, Rossi)

2.50:U., Olympic pit qualifiers (De Filippis)

3:Beach volley D, groups: Canada-Switzerland

3: Cycling, bmx racing: quarter-finals (Fantoni).

3: Water Polo U, groups: Hungary
South Africa

3.50: Fencing, team foil D (Italy: Batini, Errigo, Volpi, Cipressa)

3.53:I swim, semifinals 100 sl D

4: Beach volley U, groups: USA-Argentina

4:Boating, semifinals single U (Di Mauro)

4.05:Volleyball D, group: South Korea v Rep. Dominican

4.30:Water polo U, groups: Spain v Kazakhstan

4.54:I swim, semifinals 200 breaststroke D (Fangio)

5.05:Sail, 470 D: 3ª and 4ª regatta (Caruso, Berta)

5.05: Sail, Nacra 17: 4ª, 5ª, 6ª regata (Tita-Banti)

5.08:I swim, semifinals 200 mixed U (Farms)

5.15: Sail, Radial laser D: 7ª, 8ª regatta (Zennaro)

6.05:Sail, windsurfing D: 10ª, 11ª, 12ª regatta (Maggetti).

6.40: Basket U, groups: Slovenia-Japan.

6.50:Arco D, 1st round D: Boari-Zyzanska (Pol)

6.54:speakers, 2nd round 51 kg D: Sorrentino-Huang (Taiwan)

7: Canoe slalom, semifinals C1 D (Bertoncelli)

7:Water polo U, groups: USA-Italy

7.03:Arco D, 1 ° turn D: Bjerendal (All) -Rebagliati

7.20:Volleyball D, gironi: Serbian-Kenya

7.29:Arco, 2nd round D (ev. Boari, Rebagliati)

8: Beach volley D, groups: Germany-Netherlands

8.05:Sail, 470 U: 3ª and 4ª regatta
(Ferrari, Calabrò)

8.20: Sail, windsurfing U: 10ª, 11ª, 12ª regatta (Camboni)
8.30: Water polo U, groups: Croatia-Montenegro

9: Beach volley U, group: Czech Republic-Mexico

9.25:Volleyball D, groups: China-Roc

9.26: Arco, 1 turn D: Barbelin (Fra) -Andreoli

10:Beach volley U, groups: Roc-Latvia

10.05:Arco, 2nd round D (possibly Andreoli)

11.20: Water polo U, groups: Greece-Japan

12.32:I swim, 800 sl D (Quadarella, Caramignoli)

12.40:Volleyball D, groups: Japan-Brazil

12.50:Water polo U, groups: Serbia-Australia

12.56:I swim, 100 U butterfly (Condorelli, Burdisso)

13:Beach volley D, groups: China-Argentina

13.13:I swim, 200 back D (Panziera)

13.27:I swim, 4×100 mixed mixed (Italy)

14: Beach volley D, groups: Brazil-Canada

14: Basket U, groups: Spain-Argentina

14.45:Volleyball D, groups: USA-Turkey

15:Beach volley U, groups: Brazil-Netherlands

Ore 2.18: Boating, two without U

2.30:Boating, two without D

2.50:Boating, double light weights U (Oppo, Ruta)

3.10: Boating, double lightweights D (Cesarini, Rodini)

3.30:I swim, 800 sl U (Paltrinieri)

4.28:I swim, 200 butterfly D

4.37: I swim, 100 sl U (Miressi)

7.30:Skeet shooting, Olympic pit D (possibly Rossi, Tired)

8.30: Skeet shooting, Olympic pit U
(home. De Filippis)

8.55: Canoe slalom, C1 D (ev. Bertoncelli)

12.50:Artistic gymnastics, all-around D (May, Al. D’Amato).

12.55: Fencing, team foil D (possibly Italy)

14: Table tennis, singular D

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