Rome transfer market, assault on Shomurodov

Rome transfer market, Shomurodov coup: figures, details and formula of the deal that should bring the striker to Mou’s court.

Eldon Shomurodov © GettyImages

The sprint for Shomurodov has just started, and Roma are in the front row to secure the striker of the Genoa. After storing Bayer Leverkusen’s onslaught for Azmoun, James Pinto he veered decisively on the Uzbek bomber born in ’95, for which the agreement would now be one step away, with the white smoke that could rush in by return of post.

As reported by the journalist of Alessio Lento, the negotiation with the Genoa continues, the basis of which provides for a onerous loan of 2 million euros, with the right of redemption set at 16 million: a right that could become an obligation to redeem, in the event that Mourinho’s team should arrive in the Champions League, with an attached percentage linked to future resale.

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Calciomercato Roma, Shomurodov is getting closer and closer

Eldon Shomurodov © GettyImages

Negotiation proceeding swiftly, also because there is the will of both parties to carry out the negotiation. On the part of Roma, which would support an orphaned department at the time of a real second striker, giving Mourinho a reinforcement of value, as well as from the assured future; by Genoa, which aims to redesign the team with the proceeds from the sale of Uzbekistan. At the moment, the inclusion of any counterpart is expected, but this does not mean that in the future Genoa and Rome cannot sit down again at the bargaining table, to think about a possible transfer under the Lantern of one of the many redundancies that the Giallorossi gm needs to place.


Rome transfer market assault Shomurodov

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