“I would have signed up for a career finale like this”

“I would have signed up for a career finale like this”
“I would have signed up for a career finale like this”

The champion’s last thrust comes from the Tokyo Olympics. Also Aldo Montano says goodbye to an endless career, full of successes all arrived at saber blows. Say goodbye in the best way: with one medal around the neck. The most precious blue medal today, in fact, is the silver won by the men’s team saber.

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Despite the absence of Samele, silver in the individual race, Italy wins a gorgeous silver. A very sweet silver, to greet the career of one of the most strong and constant fencers of the world: Aldo Montano. The cover is all for him, for the Leghorn who will turn 43 in November and who in his career he has participated in 5 Olympics. At the last appointment of his career comes alast great feat. There is so much of his, in fact, in the comeback three-time individual gold medalist Aron Szilagyi scored against Hungary, a comeback that allowed Italy to compete for gold against Korean phenomena.

“By a career ending so I would have put my signature on it. I went in for Gigi Samele’s problem and it was there most beautiful joy give my contribution to win this medal. I didn’t have a career, but a wonderful life. With young boys, one splendid life made up of many sacrifices but also joys“. Aldo Montano says this after Italy’s defeat by saber against South Korea in the Olympic final in Tokyo 2020.

In the afternoon, after the qualification torn against Iran, the 43-year-old Montano had joked: “Yes, maybe I continue up to Paris, but I have to take away Farinelli’s place (esteemed Italian armourer, ed)”, then he became serious: ” In what is my future? So many ideas, so many things, a family to look after. Let’s see, many ideas at stake. What did I miss? Team gold. But that’s okay, it is right to stop here after 17 years of career which for me was more like a lifetime. Pellegrini and I end up together? It is a wheel that spins for everyone, the sporty one is fast, very fast and also cynical. For me it has lasted a long, long time. And I’m happy as well ».

Dice ciao to an endless career, with the sportsmanship and cheerfulness that have always distinguished him. “Is it an endless career? It’s a career over …». Aldo smiles and jokes, as it always has and will continue to do. He smiles even more heartily after a medal won also thanks to his thrusts.

Aldo Montano is joy, sympathy, but also the strength and determination of a champion who since 2004 has walked the platforms all over the world with the awareness of having excelled and won the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games.

Aldo Montano was born on November 18, 1978 in Livorno. There Montano’s sporting career is long and rich. He belongs to a family of fencers from Livorno including his grandfather, his father and also his father’s cousins. At the beginning of his sporting career he is part of the sports center of the carabinieri, later he will leave the Arma. He then enlisted in the penitentiary police and is currently part of the Fiamme Azzurre sports group of the penitentiary police.

The first big win will come in 2004 at the Athens Olympics, where Aldo Montano wins the gold medal in the individual saber tournament. «In the same competition he also takes home the silver medal in the team tournament. In 2008, at the Olympic Games in Beijing, he won “only” the bronze medal in the team saber. In 2011 he was gold medal in the individual saber tournament at the Catania World Championships. In 2012 at the London Olympics, another wins bronze medal in the team saber in the team. In 2015 at the World Championships in Moscow, he won the team gold medal. In 2016 to Rio de Janeiro he does not win Olympic medals, but makes an appointment in Tokyo with his latest assault. At the 2018 World Cup in Wuxi, China, he wins team silver in the saber.

In 2021 his last chapter of a long and successful career: Tokyo 2020. He should have participated as a reserve in the team tournament, but you know, the destiny always respects the great champions. Just like that Federica Pellegrini who smiled while swimming in her last final of the 200 freestyle, Aldo Montano also had his chance. Samele out due to injury, Aldo enters. Enter with the full of experience and quality that only champions like him have. Enter and stage one wonderful comeback which is worth the final for gold. He enters to the applause and comes out in a standing ovation with the latest Olympic silver around his neck.

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