Palermo, flop of the rally against the Green Pass: only thirty people in the square

That of the thirty of No Pass sitting on the steps next to the fountain will be remembered as the most silent event in the history of Piazza Pretoria, in Palermo. An unexpected flop, after last Saturday’s great turnout at a similar meeting. Thirty people or so have accepted the invitation of the “Free Choice” committee to take to the streets to protest against the Green Pass which from 6 August will be compulsory to attend most of the places open to the public.

Palermo, hundreds of people in the no vax procession without a mask

by Tullio Filippone

July 24, 2021

In Palermo, in front of Palazzo delle Aquile, the people of the No Pass tonight were a sparse patrol of diehards. Spaced to take up as much space as possible, the No Passes chatted to each other. A single flag with the slogan “Don’t tread on me”, or “Don’t tread on me”, waved solitary until the end of the garrison. Not even the shadow of torches, as well as of slogans against the “health dictatorship”.

“We hoped to be many more – admitted Antonio Triolo, one of the organizers – I am not a no vax, I am just a person who considers illogical the Green Pass that the government asks me to enter an archaeological park of many hectares in the open. , however, allowing me to eat outdoors in restaurants without a Pass, two meters from other diners “.

The virus arrives among vacationers: “Only the Green Pass can save the summer”

by Giusi Spica

July 27, 2021

The silent presidium of the Palermo No Pass is betting everything on the “illogicality” – as they define it – of the rule that will come into force on 6 August. “It is a disguised obligation, which aims only to force the undecided of the vaccine to immunize themselves if they do not want to lose the possibility of living a large part of their sociality”.

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