Arsenio Lupine today prefers the scooter-

Arsenio Lupine today prefers the scooter-
Arsenio Lupine today prefers the scooter-

Tuesday’s robbery at the Chaumet jewelery shop in rue Franois I in Paris, in the golden triangle near the Champs Elyses, the first carried out with the help of a trottinette, the ubiquitous electric scooter in Paris. Sign of the times. If the pre-Netflix Arsenio Lupine moved aboard luxurious Avions Voisin cars, in recent years the means for the most daring shots in the center of Paris have been less elegant: the man in the Borsalino hat who in 2009 stole jewels for 6 , 8 million from Chopard arrived and left on foot; more nervous the two criminals with balaclavas and shotguns who in 2014 stole watches for 600 thousand euros from Colette and fled aboard a scooter; exaggerated the robbers of the gang who the following year stole two million jewels from Casty, in rue de Castiglione, at 4:50 in the morning, using an off-road vehicle to break through the windows and escaping in a second 4×4.

Today sweet mobility, as bicycles, scooters and various skateboards are called in Paris, have become common enough to be used for robberies. The fast and popular electric scooter: perfect for not attracting attention. The surveillance cameras recorded a man around the age of 50, in a gray suit, arriving in front of the shop aboard a scooter operated by the Tier operator, one of the three (the others are Lime and Dott) authorized in the capital. calmly entered by Chaumet, pointed the gun on the shop assistants, had jewelry delivered for almost three million euros, and went away aboard the same scooter: 20 kilometers per hour, few but more than enough to overcome the traffic jams.

The scooter bandit was arrested by the police yesterday, with an accomplice and the loot, in a service area near Metz, on a bus bound for Serbia. Of his unromantic shot could remain a consequence desired by many, the obligation of a plate also for the trottinette.

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Arsenio Lupine today prefers scooter Corriereit

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