The torchlight processions of the ‘No Pass’ in 12 cities. In Rome also the Lega – Cronaca

The torchlight processions of the ‘No Pass’ in 12 cities. In Rome also the Lega – Cronaca
The torchlight processions of the ‘No Pass’ in 12 cities. In Rome also the Lega – Cronaca

Torchlight processions in 12 cities, from Trento to Palermo, and other events to say “no” to the obligatory Green Pass. Demonstrations continue throughout Italy to protest against the government’s decision which, from 6 August next year, made the green pass mandatory for a series of activities.
Initiatives, almost all born online, which are not, however, registering a large participation as happened yesterday in Rome where about a thousand people were present at the event organized by the restaurateurs of the IoApro movement.

The evening torchlight processions, held simultaneously in Milan, Turin, Bologna and Padua, with signs such as “Green pass dictatorial measure” or “We are yes freedom”, were organized by the “Free choice committee”, a non-profit organization made up of “free citizens” who, as he states on his Facebook profile, defines himself as “non-partisan, apolitical, open to anyone who intends to support full freedom of choice in health matters”. At the event in Rome, however, in Piazza del Popolo, with at least a thousand people behind the banner “United for freedom of choice, against all discrimination”, some parliamentarians also announced their presence via the web.
They are, among others, the Northern League supporters Bagnai, Siri, Borghi and Pillon; ex M5S Paragone and Vittorio Sgarbi.

During the demonstration against the Green Pass in Rome the words “freedom” and “hands off the children” were repeated several times by those present. In his speech Sgarbi said: “I do not do it because I am afraid of the vaccine. We have no certainty that the vaccine has been tested. I do not want the vaccine, it will be my business”.

The organizers received the support of Paolo Becchi, the former ideologue of the Movement who left Grillo in 2015, who posted a video on the Committee’s Fb page.

“It is a devastating signal and the participation of the League in tonight’s no-vax square is totally wrong. We do not realize how much we are still risking the resurgence of the pandemic and the government’s effort to introduce measures that could allow us to leave production activities open “. This was declared by M5S Head of Delegation Stefano Patuanelli.

Throughout the day, however, checks were carried out at the toll booths to avoid the presence of “infiltrators” of movements and groups, from the far right to the antagonists at the Roman demonstration. An initiative that is linked to what has been said in recent days by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, who had stated that the Interior Ministry is following the “No Green Pass” initiatives very carefully, entrusting the checks also to Digos and Scientifica.

In Turin, a handful of demonstrators met in Piazza Castello for a garrison.

The triptych of events dedicated to the protest against the green pass ended with a mini torchlight procession in Piazza della Scala in Milan. More than two hundred citizens gathered in front of Palazzo Marino by the ‘Free choice’ committee waited for dusk before lighting candles shouting ‘freedom from vaccines’, ‘blackmail’ and ‘hands off the children’. Several signs displayed by the demonstrators, from “green pass = blackmail” to “+ De Donno – Burioni”, up to “free to choose”, but also some tricolor flags and a blow-up of the doctor who committed suicide yesterday, Giuseppe De Donno, to whom A minute of silence was also dedicated, a long applause and the chorus “truth, truth”. “It is dangerous to mass vaccinate everyone – says a demonstrator taking the floor from the center of the square -. What ‘without mass vaccination at all we will not get out of it’ is a fairy tale. The Italians are getting vaccinated only in order not to have breakups. We know it’s a false remedy. ” “The green pass is a Nazi thing, and the parallel is by no means exaggerated. It is criminal that the rulers incite violence and division – continues another organizer of the event -. When in a week someone will break a window because they do not let those in it doesn’t have the green pass, it won’t be us “.

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