Legal euthanasia, the collection of signatures in favor of the referendum reaches 250 thousand signatures. Cappato: “Extraordinary youth participation”

I’m 250mila the companies collected throughout Italy by the Organizing Committee of referendum for legal euthanasia dei Radicali, which left on June 17. Exactly half of what is intended to be achieved by September. They are, in fact 500.000 subscriptions necessary to hold the referendum. The top 10 regions for signatures collected at the tables every 10,000 inhabitants are Valle d’Aosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Umbria, Trentino Alto Adige, Sardinia, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Marche. Cuneo is the municipality with more than 50,000 inhabitants that it has registered more signatures collected at the tables in relation to the population, with 31 signatures per 1000 inhabitants, followed by Cagliari (29), Trieste (26), Treviso (25), Trento (24), Pavia (23), Udine (20), Bologna (19) , Como (18) and Padua (18).

A result – reads the promoters’ release – achieved so far thanks to the time and commitment of over 10 thousand people who have lent themselves so volunteer and almost 2000 between authenticators and authenticators, in a transversal way and outside any barrier of political alignment or religious affiliation.

“Whether it’s gazebos, impromptu press conferences and rallies, debates or other gathering points, the scene is always the same: enthusiasm, desire to sign and participate in the achievement of the goal “he declared Marco Cappato, Treasurer ofLuca Coscioni Association.

“An atmosphere that I had not seen for many years – continues Cappato – with an extraordinary one youth participation, while the debate in Parliament is sunk, in the absolute silence of the national summits of the main parties and television salons, the referendum campaign is enjoying unprecedented success of democratic participation. In fact, people know the importance of the theme of terminal illness, of the suffering and freedom of choice for having lived it directly in the family.

The collection of signatures – concludes Cappato – does not go on vacation: in the coming weeks we will have to make a difference by also collecting holiday resort. The Committee thanks those who allowed this first result and recalls the possibility of signing also in the municipal secretariats “

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