“Matteo Salvini from Mario Draghi is moving” – Libero Quotidiano

“Matteo Salvini from Mario Draghi is moving” – Libero Quotidiano
“Matteo Salvini from Mario Draghi is moving” – Libero Quotidiano

In the demonstration in Rome against the Green pass there is also Claudio Borghi. The economist of the League is quickly reached by the cameras of On air, the La7 program, where Concita De Gregorio e David Parenzo they immediately start to attack. Here the two conductors begin with the bursting questions on the anti-Covid vaccine and mask.

“He has no mask”, they tell him from the studio while he replies: “I’m outdoors”. “But he will be vaccinated”, Poreč intervenes at that point while De Gregorio increases the dose: “Are you vaccinated?”. Immediate response: “You know that I always answer that that’s my business, since when do you need to know about a person’s health status “.

And again, it is the turn of the question on Matteo Salvini: “Yes, today I heard it. Today he at Draghi was moving because he is alone in the government. We are the only ones to fight for these battles, yet it is enough to see this square to understand that there are many people to represent”, comments Borghi. “Salvini – he continues – today managed to stop the obligation to have a green pass for airplanes and trains, which otherwise would have been started yesterday”. In conclusion, the reference to Sergio Mattarella who once again asked Italians to get vaccinated because “it is the pandemic” and not the anti-Covid measures that limit the virus. “Of course it is – thunders Borghi – but one cannot think that wrong solutions are sacred”.

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Matteo Salvini Mario Draghi moving Libero Quotidiano

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