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July 28, 2021

CIZCO: The slaughter of the Narcos


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A BBC investigation shows how in Sinaloa, a state of Mexico where the namesake cartel which was led by “El Chapo” Guzman operates, young girls are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to resemble the prototype of a “woman of narcos” . But more than a free choice, it is a symptom of the extreme poverty in the region. We at Le Iene went to Acapulco to document life where cartels reign

(In the photo, the wife of “El Chapo” Guzman)

Tight waist, wide hips and a full bust“. This is the identikit drawn up for the BBC by a cosmetic surgeon from Sinaloa, Mexico, the region of the country that has become infamous for being the theater of operations of the “El Chapo” Guzman cartel.

The phenomenon told by the English public broadcaster is this: many women, increasingly young, would turn to cosmetic surgery to resemble as much as possible the prototype of “woman of narcos”, what we told you at the beginning of this article.

“Often the girls arrive with a man who pays for the surgery”, A cosmetic surgeon tells the BBC. Very expensive interventions – up to 7 thousand dollars – in a very poor region: “Obviously in these cases the money comes from drug trafficking. At first it seemed a negative thing, now I don’t think about it anymore: the economy in Sinaloa is based on and depends on drug trafficking ”.

In short, it seems that the power exercised by narcos is expanding to the point of convincing young women to modify their bodies to be more attractive to drug traffickers. “It is important for narcos to have a beautiful woman by their side”, Says a personal trainer in the area. “They compete with each other to win the ‘best’. And so a woman might say: ‘My body is yours for six months if you pay for the operation’”.

A drama caused by the extreme poverty of Sinaloa: “If a woman does not come from a wealthy family, she can be forced to look for a boyfriend who can support them“. And now it seems that the drug traffickers’ obsession with cosmetic surgery has spread throughout society: in the capital of Sinaloa, Culiacan, the advertising signs of the clinics are constantly expanding.

A new form, therefore, of the control that the narcos impose on Sinaloa. A control made above all of violence and murders, in the lands long subjected to the “El Chapo” Guzman cartel. We at Le Iene dealt with him and the slaughter of narcos – particularly in Acapulco – in 2017 in the service you see above by Cizco, directed by Gaston Zama. We have documented a day in this city, where killings and executions are the order of the day. According to a script of ordinary barbarism that shows no sign of stopping in Mexico even today, with El Chapo detained for 5 years in a maximum security prison in the United States.

(In the photo, the wife of “El Chapo” Guzman)


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