Tersigni and the judges towards X Factor, more bands less trap – Ultima Ora

Tersigni and the judges towards X Factor, more bands less trap – Ultima Ora
Tersigni and the judges towards X Factor, more bands less trap – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 28 – “Returning to the judges’ table was exciting, meeting up is always an emotion like classmates who meet again after a long time”: this is the atmosphere at the table of the judges of X Factor 2021 in the words of Hell Raton. The anticipation for the new edition of the Sky show grows in anticipation of September 16, when the public will be able to re-appreciate the highly confirmed four judges – together with Manuelito / Hell Raton, Emma, ​​Manuel Agnelli and Mika – and meet the new frontman, Ludovico Tersigni . So far only the young people who have participated in the auditions have appreciated them, filming of which is in progress these days in Cinecittà; and the first words of the judges and Ludovico are delivered to the social profiles of the show produced by Fremantle, which collected the statements during these early stages of the program. “The jury is close-knit, the feeling at the table is now super oiled and therefore we are going to the great”, says Manuel Agnelli.

“Especially in this period there was a need for some smiles and happiness, which we gladly brought back to the table”. And the quartet also welcomed the new entry Ludovico: “very nice and smart”, says Emma. And he replies: “These first few days of Auditions have been really a swing of emotions … cool.” And again: “I had a great time with the judges from the first moment – says Tersigni – I can’t wait to parachute with Manuelito, to play with Manuel, to drink rivers of champagne with Mika and to go to an Emma concert”. But curiosity is also strong compared to the guys who rushed to the selections with the dream of being able to participate in the X Factor Live. Especially in light of this year’s novelty: no more subdivision into traditional categories, the 4 teams formed only on the basis of the musical proposal and project of each artist, and for the judges a single rule for which each of them must bring with if at Live at least one soloist and at least one band. “There is a change this year compared to what we heard last year – says Mika – there is also the return of a slightly more rock aspect, there is less trap and even rock is much more contaminated than what we heard many years ago “. (HANDLE).


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