Giorgia Soleri, threats and insults for Damiano dei Måneskin’s girlfriend

Giorgia Soleri, threats and insults for Damiano dei Måneskin’s girlfriend
Giorgia Soleri, threats and insults for Damiano dei Måneskin’s girlfriend

It happens more and more often that famous people from the entertainment world and not, denounce the attacks of haters on social networks. In fact, there are many who have been victims of insults and offenses which, unfortunately, are becoming more and more frequent. Giorgia Soleri knows it well, exhausted, she let herself go to a vent on her Instagram profile.

Giorgia Soleri, model and influencer, can count, on Instagram, of over 300 thousand followers. Therefore, it enjoys an important notoriety among web users, which has grown even more when made his report known with Damiano David, the frontman from Måneskin, the Italian band that, after the exciting victory at theEurovision Song Contest 2021, is reaping success all over the world.

The influencer has always used the opportunity to speak to a large number of people to inform about important topics, thorny issues and to make his contribution in the world. And, thanks to his activity, he has received demonstrations of esteem and affection from a large number of supporters. Fame, especially that on social networks, however, also has another side of the coin: it makes it easy to target those who want to spread hatred. Giorgia, thus, finds herself daily to receive insults and heavy death threats.

She declared it herself through stories in which she showed just one of the many messages she receives day after day: “clear and direct summary of the hatred I receive every day“, he has declared. The tones of the published comment are strong, the heavy offenses and the wish for a horrible future are not lacking. Heavy words, which can hit and hurt even the strongest people and cause great inconvenience to those who are more sensitive.

Despite the outburst, Giorgia also said she was aware of having at her side a large number of supporters and people who are ready to take her side. In short, on the web it is also possible confront civilly and it remains a great tool for connecting people.

I also get some wonderful messages and incredible words of love, it must be said that it is full of cream hearts, they are not all stro **.

Giorgia Soleri’s outburst is alone yet another complaint of what happens daily on social media. In the past, other VIPs, such as Aurora Ramazzotti, Giulia Stabile, and Elodie, have also confessed to having suffered the heavy attack of rude users. Will it be possible to limit as much as possible this phenomenon which, in the best of cases, turns out to be extremely annoying?

Giorgia Soleri on Instagram.

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