The 30 super experiences in Rome, a guide – Lazio

The 30 super experiences in Rome, a guide – Lazio
The 30 super experiences in Rome, a guide – Lazio

From the perfect carbonara to the secret garden, all in one book

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 28 – An exceptional coffee, a secret aperitif, an extraordinary terrace where you can eat the perfect spaghetti carbonara. Or, again, sleep under the Renaissance frescoes of the most beautiful Villa in Rome, cycle along the oldest street in the world, organize a picnic in a magnificent garden, dine in a fish market, sink your teeth into one of the ten best pizzas in the world. world, take refuge in ancient palaces, discover real Roman-style street food, visit a Villa outside the city. These are just some of the exceptional experiences to do in the capital suggested by the new volume “Soul of Rome” by Carolina Vincenti, published by the international publishing house Jonglez, available in Italian, English, French and German.

The “Soul of” collection is a new approach to the art of travel that revolves around “wandering” in the city, casual encounters and unforgettable experiences: guides for those who want to open the hidden doors of the city, feel the deepest heartbeat of the his heart, find every corner to discover his true soul. In all the guides of the series it will be possible to find the 30 best experiences that a city offers, interviews with the characters who represent its spirit and illustrations that capture its soul.

Created by Fany Péchiodat in collaboration with publisher Thomas Jonglez, the “Soul of” collection is constantly expanding and, to date, also includes Venice, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Kyoto, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Tokyo. Edizioni Jonglez is an award-winning publishing house for independent publishers that distributes its titles in 40 countries around the world, in multiple languages. (HANDLE).


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