“My husband is watching us …”

“My husband is watching us …”
“My husband is watching us …”

Summer Live, Massimo Ferrero’s “proposal” to Roberta Capua. She replies: “My husband is watching us …”. Today, the president of Sampdoria was a guest in the Rai1 summer lounge, where he talked about himself with his usual self-irony, between work and private life.

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«Mine is a good life, at least you don’t get bored. Yesterday I had fun because I was in the theater, I did a role with Carlo Verdone and I had a lot of fun. I told Carlo ‘we annamo off the cuff’“. Then, Ferrero talks about the relationship with his parents: “I took everything from my mother, she was a ‘carabiniere’. He had fruit stalls in Piazza Vittorio, he ran the whole hut. Sor Vittorio, my father, was a paracul ***. He worked at Atac, lived in his world, was an intellectual».

Then, the president of Sampdoria talks about his beginnings in the world of entertainment: “I met Gianni Morandi while he was shooting a movie in Campo dei Fiori. We spent many evenings with him. Lately I met Monica Vitti, she was a true artist. When I was young I used to go into Liz Taylor’s dressing room …“. Then Ferrero talks about his experience in football: “It is beautiful, but very difficult. By making films I was rich and master of my time, now the master of my time is Sampdoria. I appeal to the government, with the green pass you bring the fans back to the stadiums. Vialli and Mancini? There are no words for them, they are icons. They brought Sampdoria to the world. I asked the mayor to give them honorary citizenship».

In conclusion, a “hot” moment. “I’m not beating the pieces – ironically say Ferrero to Roberta Capua – then maybe there are helmets …“. She kindly discourages him: “My husband is watching us …». «Congratulations to him»Replies Viperetta. Laughter in the studio.

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