dates, times and program of the photographic festival

Photography enthusiasts will enthusiastically welcome the announcement of the next one Photofestival 2021, the review of auteur photography that will be developed in various exhibition spaces of Milan and Lombardy since September 16 to October 31 2021.

150 exhibitions in presence and for the first time in virtual, together with meetings and initiatives for a widespread festival, which will occupy the spaces of galleries, libraries, museums and exhibition spaces in the areas of Milan, Monza Brianza, Varese, Pavia and Lecco.

With this edition, entitled “Nature and the city. Signs of a new time”, Photofestival proposes a reflection on the themes of sustainability and urban regeneration. A challenge that closely concerns many cities including Milan, where the strong urban transformation taking place cannot ignore the fact that only the protection of biodiversity within a profound rethinking of the relationship between natural and built can save our future, favoring the physical and psychological well-being and sociability.

The cultural policy of the festival, which has always been inclusive, provides for the development of the circuit not only in the official areas of galleries, museums and libraries, as well as in Photofestival Photography Palace (the historian Castiglioni Palace headquarters of Confcommercio Milan) but also in non-institutional spaces, to expand the number of users. The exhibition schedule will combine the proposals of the gallery owners with those of Photofestival production and will see established authors, professionals and new talents.

The project will be widespread throughout the Milanese metropolitan area, up to and including Lombard provinces of Lecco, Monza and Brianza, Pavia and Varese, and provides as usual next to the exhibitions a event program with meetings, portfolios, webinars and other engagement activities dedicated to various photography enthusiasts.

Confirmed, in line with the Milan profile, the international characterization of the program, reaffirmed by the bilingual Italian / English version of the catalog which will be distributed free of charge in all exhibition venues and in the most significant areas of the city.

Promoted and organized by AIF – Italian Photo & Digital Imaging Association, Photofestival is sponsored by the municipality of Milan and from Lombardy region and is made in collaboration with Confcommercio Milan e Municipality of Monza and with photoSHOWall. The 2021 edition of the event relies on the support of the Main Sponsor Euromobiliare Bank and the Sponsor Cimbali Group, as well as the single ones Companies associated with AIF and advertisers.

Photofestival 2021: the news

The Organizing Committee is proud to announce that next to approx 150 photographic exhibitions that will open in presence, a channel will be available for the first time where visit virtually all the scheduled exhibitions.

VIRTUAL PHOTOFESTIVAL is the new project that Photofestival has decided to offer to all its followers: thanks to the digital platform developed in collaboration with the Partner photoSHOWallⓇ, the festival virtually opens the doors of all the exhibitions of the 2021 schedule to the public.

From site, which is now fully online renewed in graphics and with new features, it will be possible to access the virtual gallery where you can closely admire some selected shots of all the authors on display.

A qualitative leap that consolidates the nature of Photofestival as a reference cultural event and increasingly attentive to the evolution of photographic language.

Exhibitions in Milan

The complete program will be available from 15 September on the official website of the festival, but in the meantime some previews of the scheduled exhibitions have been communicated, as well as some shots that will be presented during the event.

The Horizon We Look At

No poverty: Graziano Perotti, Temple of the Queen of Sheba, Yemen
1997/Temple of the Queen of Sheba, Yemen 1997

From 11 to 22 October

Castiglioni Palace, Corso Venezia 47

On show photographs representing the seventeen objectives of the sustainable development project wanted by the UN. They are images capable of capturing attention and inducing the observer to reflect on the messages they allude to. There is great complexity in the making and interpretation of these photographs. Images that seem to be something else, allude to universal concepts and meanings: the vital cyclical nature of water, gender equality, emotional education, the challenge to poverty are just some of the instances investigated by each photographer through his own personal poetics and moving between reportage, stage photography, street photography.

The eye of the Milanese. 90 years of the Milanese Photographic Circle

© Ernesto Fantozzi, Piazza Risorgimento Milan, 1963

From October 19th to December 10th

Credito Valtellinese Gallery, Corso Magenta 59

On April 3, 1930, by the will of a heterogeneous group of enthusiasts, the Milanese Photographic Circle was born which, after the war, would have been among the eight founding circles of the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations. The best way to celebrate such an important anniversary is to present the works of the members in an exhibition that illustrates their activity and passion, while also paying homage to the authors of the past. The exhibition benefits from a sinuous setting divided into thematic areas created to enhance both the photographs and videos, documents and materials that enrich the exhibition.

Butterfly Effect

© Ilde Mancuso, Hikikomori project

From 18 September to 13 October

Cultural Center of Milan, Largo Corsia dei Servi 4

The collective exhibition, curated by Marzia Rizzo, sees the projects of eight photographers on display: Maria Cristina Anelli, Silvia Calderone, Marco Ghilardi, Bruno Isella, Claudio Lepri, Simone Macchi, Ilde Mancuso and Daniela Penna.

The scientific expression “Butterfly Effect” defines through hyperbola, how a small butterfly that generates a simple movement of the flapping of its wings can cause a chain of movements of molecules until it triggers a hurricane. Applied to everyday reality, it is a metaphor for how small and apparently insignificant personal life choices lead to significant variations, influencing existence in a relevant way.

Intimate reflections, secret thoughts, dreams, anxieties, disappointments, archetypal stories of women, dystopian worlds give life to photographic projects that highlight the changes in which each author is immersed, whether they are metamorphoses, evolutions, decays or more intimate transformations. Through these profound experiences, through allegorical and imaginative visions, poems and stories, photographers want to involve the viewer to stimulate him to reflect on how every thought, choice or action we do or undergo in life can inevitably influence it.

Mario Testino: Unfiltered

Copyright © Mario Testino, Sienna Miller, Rome American Vogue, 2007 / Courtesy of 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery

From 1 October to 28 February 2022

29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery, Via San Vittore 13

World famous fashion photographer, Mario Testino had not yet had his retrospective in Italy. In this ambitious exhibition project, alongside the most unobtainable and iconic photographic works, the viewer will see an unpublished corpus that reveals the lesser known, more spontaneous and intimate side of the artist. The exhibition will be divided into two moments that will include, in addition to the shots fashion of the muses loved by the photographer, the project Ciao, entirely dedicated to Italy, and a photographic series consisting of personal snapshots, moments of life fully lived by the artist together with some of the faces that have left an indelible mark on his extraordinary career.

Maurizio Gabbana, “Absence”

© Maurizio Gabbana, Russia

From 23 September to 24 October

The House of Bread – Unione Confcommercio Milano, formerly known as the Porta Venezia tax toll booth, Piazza Oberdan

For Gabbana, the absence is visible. In his shots, city and landscape views in which the human presence is almost always absent, the author has made sure to make this absence visible to the eye, without leaving it to interpretations or suggestions. In his photographs, the void is a space left blank. Reflections emerge that start from the awareness that emptiness means nothing, quite the contrary. Absence is in its own way a presence. An exhibition that allows the observer to get in touch with the solitary search of an author who pushes to listen to the silence and feel it full of presence.

Michael Dressel. Lost in Hollywood

© Michael Dressel

From 8 October to 29 January 2022

c | e contemporary, Via Tiraboschi 2, internal courtyard

Dressel’s main poetics perhaps comes from her own life: to go and look beyond the walls. Born in East Berlin in the middle of the Iron Curtain, he tries to escape and climb over the Wall but is sent to prison. He tries again and after various experiences he arrives in Hollywood where he works in the Factory of Dreams as a sound engineer. His reportage takes us beyond the glossy wall that we all imagine and shows us the face of those who have fallen from that wall, of those who have never reached the dream: beggars and destitute among which aspiring actors stand out who pose with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard as if they continue to aspire to the American dream.

Domenico Moretti. Walking around Tokyo

© Domenico Moretti

From 24th September to 8th October

Cerri Auditorium, Via Valvassori Peroni 56

A project dedicated to the Japanese capital consisting of three series – Alone, Subway, People – which investigate different aspects. From the displacement in the face of the absence of the usual crowd that occupies public spaces to the investigation of the parallel world that takes place in the underground network: artificial light marks faces, tunnels and wagons. To get to the search for relationships between people, almost tied between threads that, without making them

interact, lead them to perform collective gestures. Individuals are portraits isolated from their context to bring out their subjectivity. All the work is characterized by the geometric cuts of the urban elements, skyscrapers, pedestrian crossings, vehicles, facades.

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