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Entries in the ATA role, 12 thousand hires requested from the Mef. Deadline July 29 will be postponed

A meeting took place yesterday between the Ministry of Education and the trade unions. On the table is the draft decree of the Ministry of Education containing the procedure for the recruitment of Directors of general and administrative services by fast call. During the meeting, some details also emerged on the procedures for hiring ATA personnel

The Ministry informed the trade unions that it has requested the authorization of the Mef for about 12,000 hires.

According to Anief, present at the meeting, these are “small numbers that cover only the turnover. We complained about this, as once again ATA staff are not really taken into consideration. There are many more vacancies, around 27,000. It is about the filling of about 40% of vacancies ”.

For the choice of locations initially scheduled from 22 to 29 July it was announced that the terms will be postponed.

On Instances online, the question window is not yet present.


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