regret about vaccines, ungenerous considerations – Il Tempo

regret about vaccines, ungenerous considerations – Il Tempo
regret about vaccines, ungenerous considerations – Il Tempo

Is the honeymoon between Matteo Salvini and Mario Draghi over? The frontal attack by the Prime Minister during last week’s conference on the green pass hit the leader of the League, who today went to Palazzo Chigi to try to smooth out the differences in the management of the Covid pandemic. “During the interview, which was fruitful and cordial, issues related to the vaccination campaign, the Green Pass and the measures to combat Covid-19 were discussed” as officially filtered by the executive.

The two met for some “thaw” tests, even if from Salvini’s words the storm does not seem completely overcome: “” Yes, I had a clarification with Draghi. What did we say? Ask him, I don’t speak through a third party. I – he said at the end of the face to face – underlined the regret given that we are working like crazy to keep everyone together. Certain considerations are ungenerous. I read in the newspapers that today or tomorrow there would be other restrictions, This is not the case. We will think about it next week based on the data. I – continues the number one of the Carroccio – am for freedoms, there is no world divided into no-vax and yes vax. Freedoms are sacred to me, I invite all those who risk their lives to get vaccinated, because in that case the vaccine saves their lives. But no one will ever convince me that forcing 12-year-old children to be vaccinated is a useful choice. With Draghi we talked about a school in attendance for everyone, without discrimination eg without distinction “.

During the summit with Draghi, there was also space for an update on the reform of the Justice, a topic that the government wants to close as soon as possible after the sparks with the 5 Star Movement: “There is Giulia Buongiorno who is working in these minutes with both Minister Cartabia and President Draghi. We are working to resolve it, it seems to me that the Cinquestelle presented hundreds of amendments, not us. Changes? We accept Draghi’s proposals, not Cinquestelle’s. We – Salvini concluded to the reporters present – talk to the Prime Minister, we are fine with the text approved by the Council of Ministers, others are not. We see”.

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regret vaccines ungenerous considerations Tempo

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