Unesco: the porticoes of Bologna, a World Heritage Site. Merola rejoices: “A great honor”

BOLOGNA. The arcades of Bologna have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The same organization announces it with a tweet and the minister confirms it Dario Franceschini: “Even Bologna with its marvelous arcades is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site”.


A 62-kilometer network, 42 ​​of which only in the historic center, which characterize the center of Bologna and have always made it a distinctive sign of the city that in the arcades that line its streets and squares has always found traces of its more intimate and true identity.

Bologna had been working on the candidacy for years, having presented the arcades as the symbol of “a sustainable urban lifestyle, in which religious and civil spaces and the homes of all social classes are perfectly integrated”.

From the longest stretch to Stendhal’s words, all the curiosities about the Porticoes

by Luca Baccolini

July 28, 2021

The arcades, in Bologna, are in fact at the same time an architectural and social model, carried out consistently over the centuries. A kind of conjunction between public space and private space. The flagships of the candidacy, in particular, were the portico dei Servi and that of San Luca, the longest in the world, which connects the city with the Colle della Guardia where the Marian sanctuary is located. But also its more modern variations, such as those of the suburban area of ​​Barca.


The reactions

“An immense satisfaction and a great recognition that makes us happy – comments the mayor Virginio Merola – the inclusion of the porticoes of Bologna among the UNESCO World Heritage sites is the achievement of a long-pursued goal and is the recognition of the great work carried out in recent years by the deputy mayor Valentina Orioli and by the entire structure that has dedicated to this causes passion, competence and relationship skills. A big thank you to the ministry of culture, to minister Dario Franceschini and to undersecretary Lucia Borgonzoni, to the foreign ministry with councilor Paolo Bartorelli and to the Italian ambassador to Unesco Massimo Riccardo. This title represents a great honor and a great responsibility for Bologna, we will live up to this recognition “, concludes Merola.

“A beautiful news. An extraordinary recognition for the city of Bologna and for Emilia-Romagna” tweets the president of the Emilia Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio for this important result, which is added to the registrations of Padua and Montecatini Terme, registered in recent days, bringing the number of Italian sites included in the List to 58 “. Bologna on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
“Even this registration – observes the minister – confirms and rewards the constant commitment of our country in protecting and enhancing our extraordinary cultural and naturalistic heritage”

“Congratulations to Bologna, which with its magnificent arcades enters the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy confirms itself every day as the richest place of beauty in the world” says the former premier Giuseppe Conte.

“The arcades of Bologna protect us from the sun in summer and from rain in winter; they offer a hospitable refuge against bad weather and, at the same time, make Bologna unique, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. An immense satisfaction for those who has Bologna in his heart “he declares Pier Ferdinando Casini.

“It’s official guys, what a joy – the councilor for culture rejoices Matteo Lepore on social media -. The arcades of Bologna have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Great Valentina Orioli and Federica Legnani who fought for us all !!! And good Virginio you deserve it. Thanks for the support to the Ministry of Culture and the Minister Dario Franceschini. All the organizations that have helped us are supported. And now we celebrate. A special hug to the citizens of Barca. You are also in it, with your Train “.

“It is a milestone that comes at the end of a long journey led with competence and determination by the Municipality of Bologna, to which the Alma Mater has also enthusiastically offered its contribution”. Thus, in a note, the rector of the University of Bologna, Francesco Ubertini. “The Bolognese arcades – he observes – are not only a very precious artistic and architectural heritage, but they are also a centuries-old symbol of welcome, encounter and inclusion: values ​​that have always defined the history and soul of this city, and of his University “

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