Allegri press conference: messages to Dybala, Ronaldo, Pjanic, Bonucci

Allegri press conference: messages to Dybala, Ronaldo, Pjanic, Bonucci
Allegri press conference: messages to Dybala, Ronaldo, Pjanic, Bonucci

Not only Bonucci: Max Allegri’s presentation was a manifesto of the new course. Starting from some principles and the management of key men

Many messages, prepared or not, overt or encrypted, wanted or not. The presentation of Massimiliano Allegri after almost two weeks from the moment in which he physically returned to the Continassa was a manifesto of the Max 2.0, intended as a declaration of intent and therefore also as an imprint that the technician from Livorno necessarily wants to give also by marking a discontinuity with respect to the previous management.


Dybala, in Juve is the second with the most years of presence after Chiellini, so he will be the vice captain. Leo left for Milan for a year, so if he wants the armband he has to buy it. When he came back he became last, now he is climbing up positions, but this Leo knows it“. Journalistically, and also in terms of internal dynamics, there is no doubt that the Bonucci key is the most tantalizing. Equally evident is that analyzing the sentences in writing has a lightness, or heaviness, different from the tone and smile with which Allegri said them (and in any case the sentences remain). Widening the gaze, the externalization also has another recipient: Paulo Dybala. The concept had been filtered for some time, the coach put his face to it to clarify who is at the center of his Juve. Beyond the range: “Paulo is a 25-goal player, kicks free kicks, it’s an added value. I left him a boy, I found him a man”.


That of punishments is not just a technical or only aesthetic question, but a symbol. “I don’t know the decisions of these two years. I try to exploit the characteristics of the players. Ronaldo is a footballer from afar, Paulo closely. One is right and the other left. Then if a good right kicker comes, we’ll see“. That is the symbol of a different way of managing Cristiano Ronaldo starting from one of his (few) limits: the desire to cannibalize Juventus set pieces, with modest results. While waiting to go back, many have read a clue in the event that even the free-kicks from the right could kick someone else: “If a good right kicker will come“. Who knows why the head immediately went to Miralem Pjanic.


Ronaldo is an extraordinary footballer and a smart guy, there will be management for all players and it also applies to him“. There is no need for divinatory skills to read us a change of pace compared to the total use of the last two years, always 90 minutes on the field and without rest sessions except with the tongue on the ground at the end of the season. “He’s been back a few days ago and I talked to him. I also talked to the others otherwise it seems that I speak only with him“. In management he is no different from the others, without subjection or subjection (also from the point of view of the contractual theme, the future – it was said – belongs to others), but with a lot of respect for what he knows how to give in the field, like very few.


Still on Ronaldo, in fact: “He scored 130 goals for Juve, I told him I’m happy to find him again, but also that he has a greater responsibility given his age, I also expect a lot from him in terms of experience.“. In terms of attitudes, and in terms of leadership towards a young group: Max’s last Bianconeri Europe ended with Cristiano leaving the pitch making the gesture of those who had done so. Preventing that from happening also depends on him, Allegri suggests. Max expects the senators to take this responsibility too: “The older ones, Ronaldo, Chiellini and Bonucci, must be an added value for the team, in addition to bringing experience and technique, they must be examples for the younger ones who need to understand even better what Juventus is.“. Bonucci, again you.


Other messages were clearer. The cheerful pragmatism is sublimated in the account between goals scored and goals conceded. On the goals scored, he called Kulusevski by name who scored 7 last year (“it must certainly grow in the construction phase, it has an important engine and therefore can be improved“) But also the middlemen” with license to kill “. Ten goals had asked McKennie: “You can see that he has the instinct to score, in front of goal he is cold and he is good with his head“. But also to Rabiot: “He has potential, this ball goes everywhere when he shoots, but he must have the ambition to score 10 league goals. He has insertion, he has a good foot, he is good. I can’t ask Bentancur for 10 goals, then maybe he’s the best for the characteristics he has“. Clear messages. While on the goals conceded … “For many years the championship has been won by whoever has the best defense, again this year. I believe in the last fifteen years there has been only one exception to this rule“. Allegri throws it there: coincidentally it is the Juventus Scudetto of Sarri, called precisely to look for something different after the five years with the Livorno player. Max is back.

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