“The arcades of Bologna become a world heritage site”

A 62-kilometer network, 42 ​​of which only in the historic center, which characterize the center of Bologna and have always made it a distinctive sign of the city that in the arcades that line its streets and squares has always found traces of its more intimate and true identity. Bologna had been working on the candidacy for years, having presented the arcades as the symbol of “a sustainable urban lifestyle, in which religious and civil spaces and the homes of all social classes are perfectly integrated”. The arcades, in Bologna, are in fact at the same time an architectural and social model, carried out consistently over the centuries. A kind of conjunction between public space and private space.

The flagships of the candidacy, in particular, were the portico dei Servi and that of San Luca, the longest in the world, which connects the city with the Colle della Guardia where the Marian sanctuary is located. But also its more modern variations, such as those of the suburban area of ​​Barca.

Franceschini: great news on the eve of G20 Culture – “Another beautiful day for the national cultural heritage: with the inclusion of the Porticoes of Bologna in the world heritage list, after the one that took place on Saturday for Padua Urbs Picta and Montecatini, a great European spa city, there are three new Italian sites recognized by Unesco in 2021. This is an extraordinary result, the result of an intense and constant action of cultural diplomacy and close collaboration between the government, local authorities and associations. Good news on the eve of the G20 Culture that Italy is preparing to host for the first time”. This was said by the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. The Committee – underlines a note from the Mic – recognized the exceptional global value of this site as an extraordinary example of private space for public use, representative of the urban system of covered paths that defines the urban identity of the city of Bologna, contributing to the sense of place and social dynamics.

Bonaccini: extraordinary recognition for Bologna – “A wonderful news: the Porticoes of Bologna have been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site! An extraordinary recognition for the city of Bologna and for Emilia-Romagna”. On his Facebook page, the president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini celebrates the entry of the Bolognese arcades into the list of sites declared World Heritage by the United Nations cultural agency.

Merola: great honor for Bologna, we will be up to it – The entry of the porticoes of Bologna into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is “an immense satisfaction and a great recognition that makes us happy”. This is the comment of the mayor of the city Virginio Merola, celebrating the decision of the cultural agency of the United Nations. The inscription, he argues, “is the achievement of an objective pursued for some time and is the recognition of the great work carried out in recent years by the deputy mayor Valentina Orioli and
from the whole structure that has dedicated passion, competence and ability to relate to this cause “. Furthermore, underlines the first citizen of Bologna,” a big thank you to the Ministry of Culture, to Minister Dario Franceschini and to Undersecretary Lucia Borgonzoni, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the councilor Paolo Bartorelli and the Ambassador of Italy to Unesco Massimo Riccardo. This title – concludes Merola – represents a great honor and a great responsibility for Bologna, we will live up to this recognition “.

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