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The blues Luca Curatoli, Aldo Montano and Enrico Berrè lose the final 45-26 against South Korea

The race of the blue team saber at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Luca Curatoli, Aldo Montano and Enrico Berrè (with Luigi Samele on the bench) are defeated 45-26 from South Korea in the final and settle for a historic silver medal for Montano, at his fifth Olympic podium in as many editions of the Games. For Italy it is the fifteenth medal in Japan, the sixth silver.

The blues of the men’s saber fell one step away from the gold medal: Luca Curatoli, Aldo Montano and Enrico Berrè, with Luigi Samele on the bench after the injury in the semifinals against Hungary, won silver at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. At the last act South Korea wins with a clear score of 45-26. A final without history, but a historic result for Italy and in particular for Montano: the 43-year-old from Livorno takes home the fifth medal in as many Olympic editions from 2004 to today. For Italy it is the fifteenth podium in Japan, the sixth second place.

Balance in the first round of assaults with South Korea who at the end leads 5-4: Luca Curatoli is good at containing the Korean Kim. In the following round, however, Aldo Montano suffers a heavy partial of 5-0 and Korea runs away at 10-4, Enrico Berrè in the third round fails to remedy and the gap becomes 15-6. Montano is back on the platform for the fourth round of assaults but unfortunately the trend changes: the Leghorn manages to score only one assault and the gold medal, in fact, begins to fly towards South Korea which leads 20 -7.

Fifth round with Luca Curatoli trying to start the comeback but now the Koreans are launched, Gu is unleashed and confident and the 25-11 in favor of the Asians throws the Azzurri into despair. In the sixth assault Enrico Berrè manages to hoist himself on 17-30, but in the following duel Montano loses the third assault out of three and thus greets his fifth Olympics without being able to repeat the feat of the semifinals. 35-20 for Korea which at this point in the next two rounds only has to administer until 45-26 and the deserved gold medal.


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